Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Inclimate weather

This morning MyTown was covered in a layer of ice. Pooch and I stepped out on the front proch this morning and both did a splatter and spin Bambi style. We get weather like this about every three years, so in true Tennessee fashion the whole town went apeshit!

Quick! Run out for milk and bread! Go faster, there could be black ice! Take this route, there are extra bridges! Hey-go down that hill! It looks extra big and icy!

There were right at 250 accidents reported in MyTown alone. That doesn't include the surrounding areas.

I grew up on top of a mountain in West Virginia where ice and several inches to a foot of snow were common occurances throughout the winter. There, however people have snowboots on hand, know to drive slowly, wait for roads to be salted, and good grief only go get milk and bread if you need it!

Now I'm off to check out the evening news. I'm certain there will be someone with a mullet, missing their teeth, and no semblance of grammer or the English language who will be around to tell their story about the trip to get milk and bread.


audreybreier said...

Don't you just love how that seems to be the people they always interview on the news? It's so annoying!

Kas said...

Ugh People are the same way here. Only, they freak out if the weather man even whispers the word "snow", much less if we get any. You can bet the grocery stores will be cleaned out within the hour. Seriously. Luckily, I have a mom from Michigan who found it extremely important to teach me how to drive on the yuck (and to NOT GO WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO). I just don't understand some people's logic.

Zoe D. said...

I admit I'm one of the crazy people that over react! I went into work 2 hours late because I've never driven on ice before. Adam almost had a really bad wreck, and he was driving really slow. I grew up aroud here, so you know how we are:) hah

goodtwin said...

Us snowbirds that live in Michigan know how to drive when we come down :)

goodtwin said...

We 'snowbirds' from Michigan know how to drive when we come through.

♥ Mrs. L said...

That was crazy with all of those wrecks... I am sure you were able to see many mullets up and around this part of the state, ha!