Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pie and Tart

How can you not just pull them out of the picture, cover them in chocolate, and eat them right up with a side of ice cream? By far the cutest kids ever, not that I'm biased. Oh, and I made that totally cool big sister shirt that Pie is wearing because I'm a rockin' good Auntie La La like that!


Platinum Rose said...

So cute! And you certainly have talent making that shirt! Congrats to your friends on their new baby, I assume! Looks really young!

Zoe D. said...

Very sweet!! Thanks for the comment. I think we would have a TON in common. I mean you love Target, I love target, you went to UT for communications, and so did I! J is in logistics, Adam is too!!! Beer and wine for EVERYONE!

Kristen Miller said...

Oh they're so stinkin' adorable! That shirt is pretty rockin too. I wouldn't expect any less. ;)