Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Karma

I greeted my husband at the door last night and found a package at my feet. I was shocked to see it addressed to me since I wasn't expecting anything. Do you know who it was from?


Is she the sweetest thing ever or what? She read about my love for Beyond Paradise and sent me a nearly full bottle. She apparently has perfume issues as I do and Beyond Paradise doesn't work for her.

It certainly works for me though and she was so kind and thoughtful as to send me some of my very own. I'm so glad she did. I was down to just a wee bit left in a travel sized bottle and had been using it very sparingly. At $68 per bottle I wasn't planning on purchasing any time soon.

Jenny--I want to come give you a big fat kiss, a glass of sweet tea, and some chicken and dumplins. (That's quite a thing for a southern girl!)

Words cannot express how surprised, excited, and loved I felt by her random act of very sweetness. I must have put out some good karma at some point for this to come back to me. I'm already planning ot pay it forward. Having someone be so sweet to me makes me want to run out and do the same thing right now!

Jenny--you're the best!

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