Monday, January 07, 2008

Looky here!

This is en route to MyTown (courtesy the Mrs. S-Mobile) this weekend! (Yes, of course there is a little tinkle in my pants!)

I've been jonesing (ha, ha! I really just said jonesing!) for an entertainment armoire for some time and this one is perfect. Isn't it pretty? Tell me it's pretty! I'm so happy that hubs had the idea that we had to have it. Right honey? That was all you, right?

It's from a different collection (Larkin) than the first one that I lusted after, but I think it will work out much better as it's a bit smaller and also had doors with shelving on the bottom for games, dvd's, and cd's.

Speaking of cd's and dvd's, J and I have been cleaning out such items and whittling the "stuff" for quite some time now. As he was ridding of all his cd jewel cases and placing them in a new leather binder we were reminicing of some of the items we actually bought. What were we thinking? J summed it up best when he said "Oh the days when we were judged by our cd and dvd collection."

So true! I used to think it would be so cool to have a nice dvd collection and I often bought them when video stores would have the big pre-viewed movies clearance sale. I've probably not watched more than half of them but bought them because 'oooh, I heard that was really good' or 'I totally remember the previews for this one'. I rarely, if ever, have the patience to sit down for a movie. There are a few classics I/we kept but all others are on their way out.

But back to the good part of the armoire, it was 50% plus 40% discounted. (Tinkle! There it goes!). The grand total was $450 which is pretty good for a great piece of versatile (it has an optional bar to be a clothing armoire) furniture that will work in many rooms. That's my big thing with large and costly pieces, it has to be versatile. This piece will go in our den as an entertainment armoire. However it could also be placed in the living room as an armoire, it could work for storage in the bedroom, be an extra linen closet, be placed in a child's room for toys and clothes, and also work as a desk if necessary. See? It's like I bought five items for $450 so that is a rather fantastic deal I'd say!

Now I must leave you with this picture of the cutest little thing ever, my niece Pie enjoying the snowy weather. Don't you just want to eat up those little cheeks ? There will be more where that came from as little Miss Pie is going to be a Big Sister this month.


LCP said...

Way to go...I would have to agree quite a deal! And it is very pretty.

I remember those days being judged by your CD collection (I never really had any DVD's). We tried to get rid of our OLD CD's but I couldn't even find a vintage CD shop to buy some of them...what does that say about the collection...huh?

Have a great week.

JayJenny said...

I am jealous - I've always wanted one. Enjoy!