Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

What a fabulous New Year J and I had. We were in Memphis with some of our most darling friends, the O's and the S's. The best way I can think of seeing out 2007 and ringing in 2008. What more could you ask for? Oh, and there were several instances in which I tinkled my pants. What more could you ask for Internet?

(This lasted about one night. Don't bother calling AA.)
Friday night my friend LL arrived to meet Mackipoo for an exciting weekend of pooch sitting. We left late evening around 8:30 to head to the Scenic City for the night. Mrs. O and I exchanged Christmas gifts and wouldn't you know that she found me some Brandon socks from 90210? (What was his last name?).

Saturday morning we left for Memphis! The drive there is long and long and long, but worth it to see the S's! Of course no one travels like me and they were not ready to leave at 7am as I'd hoped. (Hi Mrs. O! You reading? You guys were lovely, really you were!).

Upon arrival we unloaded our goods and immediatly opened a bottle of wine. A big bottle of wine. Which turned into two bottles of wine. Recap: Two large bottles of wine, three women, two hours. Mrs. S did feed us a nice steak dinner though. Yum! Mrs. S also gave me a lovely gift of the cream and sugar set that matches our dishes. She is such a sweet and thoughtful friend.

(The display of my dishes in the store. See the cool cow stuff? We have it too thanks to Mrs. S. My husband loves bovine! The milk pours out of the cows mouth for the creamer! Awesome!)

Sunday morning we had a delicious breakfast (Mrs. S is the hostess with the mostest! She's the true epitome of a southern belle!). The ladies took a nice walk which took a turn for the worse when two vicious, foaming-at-the-mouth boxers came out of nowhere, barrelling at us. I tinkled my pants. (Mrs. O on the other hand welcomed them to eat her with open arms. Um yeah!) The finally retreated as if they were called. Mrs. S said she'd never seen them before or had a problem with hungry, ferocious animals running amuck. I guess it was all for me. I'm special.

(The S's "baby" Vader decided he wanted to sleep with me.)

We cleaned up and headed about town where we picked up an old friend, another Mrs. M who well will call T. Mrs. O and I went to high school with her (I actually went to middle school with her too. Wow--that goes way back). I knew she and Mrs. S would get along and I wanted to introduce them. We picked her up and headed for the mothership.

(Here we are inside the mothership!)

What mothership you ask? What do you mean "what mothership?" My mothership of the PB and WS outlets. I got out of the car. Stopped. And paid homage to the beauty that was. The I put on my speedy feet and bolted to the door not being able to wait one more minute.

I found goodies galore! In PB I found some items for our new bathroom (being built this month, you'll hear more), some storage items for my studio, a few Christmas decorations, and a few office organization items. I contemplated a quilt for the master bedroom and also some candle pillars, but couldn't make the commitment.

But what you really want to hear about is how I again tinkled my pants when I saw this oh-so-lovely armoire from the Hudson collection. Internet it would be less than $500. That's like 60% off! Plus, we already have transporation from there to home. I'll stay right here while you all go comment and tell my husband WE! NEED! THAT! I need for him to think it's his idea, and if you would be so kind as to help me out with that, I would truly appreciate it! Go ahead....I'll wait.

(Here it is! It makes me tear up just a little bit!)

After leaving the PB we went next door to WS where melted to a puddle just being in it's presence. I stood in front of the large display of my new dishes, salivated, checked for new pieces (hoping for a cake plate) and moved on. I totally scored with a new oil and vinegar cruettes, new white bar towels and clothes (I've been wanting to switch to all white so we can bleach all the dish items and they'll be pretty and clean), soap and lotion for my little sink caddy, and an awesome milk jug.

The fun didn't stop there: J found a car cake pan that he simply had. to. have! It is rather neat. It will make cute loaves of bread. He also found steak seasonsing and my oh my the biggest bargain yet, new pots and pans. He found a great 10 piece set of CuisineArt stainless steel (nonstick!) cookware set. I think it retails for more than $200. It was outlet priced at $189 and with all discounts ended up being only $88! Tinkle! There it goes again.

(The new cookware in the kitchen!)

Of all the great shopping our total was LESS THAN $200! All in all we spent less than the original price of the cookware.

The rest of the day brought about delicious Memphis bbq, a trollop down Beale Street, Mint Juleps, and returning home for wine. There is always room for wine (and lemon drops according to Mrs. S).

(Having too much fun in a little shop on Beale Street.)

New Years Eve we had more tasty Memphis delicacies, more Beale Street action, more Mint Juleps, more wine....more more more! The evening ended with a fire pit and games and spending time with my fabulous friends and of course ringing in the New Year with a hot kiss from my hot husband. Purrr!

(Me enjoying a (or several) mint juleps. Hubs and I on Beale Street)

The trip home was uneventful, just long, long, long. Ugh--I hate that drive. Mack was excited to see us and we were exhausted. However, it was all worth it for the priceless time with our friends.

By the way, you think we need that armoire, right?


Rusti said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! So much fun with friends and wine and shopping and wine and food and wine... how lovely... and oh, you DEFINITELY need that armoire! It's fabulous!

Good luck! ;)

The Robbins Nest said...

Walsh! Brandon and Brenda Walsh!!
your NYE looked like it was so fun! It is such a great way to welcome in the new year with friends. oh BTW: love the armoire!!!

Amy said...

Glad to see my "110 pound Baby" is famous now! He was so happy when I informed he made the internet, he had to turn over and sleep on his other side. We love having everyone at our house! Thanks so much for making the trip to Memphis!