Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So Much To Say

I wanted to post about the fabulous time J and I had on Friday night, riding around town in a limo (a stretch Excursion) looking at Christmas lights with some of our favorite darling people and the fabulous bar that was also in the limo. The pictures are precious.

I also wanted to write about Christmas traditions and the traditions you adapt to or embrace when you're married, but mostly how I miss Christmas and the time with my family. I wanted to do a whole post on Christmas trees and how much I love them and how I almost would keep a little tree up year round because I love them so much.

I also want to write about my Christmas afternoon of shooting guns (a 45, 36, AR-15, 12 gage shotgun, and a muzzleloader and I have no clue if I just spelled any of those right but whatever!). That is a whole fabulous post and although I missed every stinking clay pigeon I did hit the targets with decent accuracy. I also chose not to shoot the "elephant gun" (which had a real name I'm sure) which is the smallest gun allowed to shoot an elephant on an African safari and why my brother-in-law has it I just don't know. It was quite powerful and my delicate and dainty little southern-belle frame just felt far too feminine and demure to attempt it. That and I really don't like guns. They make uncomfortable and I'm afraid as I never grew up being around them and suddenly I'm in a family that shoots for kicks and thankfully has a huge farm with their own ridge of which to go to town on their hobby. It did make my heart happy to see my husband enjoying such time with his dad and brother since the three of them can't often get together.

I also wanted to burst with pride as I told you that Mack is playing quite nicely with others and didn't once try to eat a new person during the whole festive Christmas in new environments and with new people. Probably because he was being fed steak, ham, and rolls. As with the others in our family, food talks. He did all of this tricks and gave kisses and waved hello and goodbye and this doggy mama sure is proud he's learning to not snack on our friends and family.

Oh, oh, oh, AND: I got to babysit 12-week old triplets and it totally made my day. You may or may not know that I often pray for triplets, three kids, one labor, the end. (Oh, and preferably with a girl and a boy in the mix). More on babysitting is that I filled in for a friend of the family I normally babysit and ohmygoodness they had a movie theater in their home. I took a picture (oh yes I did!).

Oh, and don't forget the post about how I've had this nagging cough since December 4th yet my asthma isn't killing me and when I tried to make an appointment I only talked to a nurse who decided to "call in something" for me (wonder if I have to co-pay for that visit?) and I've been taking it for 10 days and while I felt fine in the beginning I now feel like I'm knocking on death's door although nothing is bothering me but this nasty, getting worse by the second cough and Dr. Google has told me I have cancer.

J's sweet little grandmother gave me a concoction she whipped up called "witches brew" that "will knock the cough right out of you." While true, she didn't mention it would leave me with a hangover, yet wanting more and looking for local AA meetings. I now laugh in the face of regular cough syrup and go straight for the moonshine. Don't worry, I'm going to see a real live doctor today and ask if I can be knocked out until further notice.

And before I forget, today is Mrs. S's birthday. I'd like to say she is older than I and therefore wiser and I cannot wait to give her a big fat kiss and a few birthday whacks this weekend when I visit her in the land far away that should be cut off of our great state and called Mississippi. Oh wait, we are going to Mississippi. Many smooches and bottles of Jack for you my darling friend.

So in short I wanted to share all of these wonderful things but as you remember I'm already self-medicating and on top of all that busy-ness my lungs are trying to escape my body via catapulting up my esophagus and out my mouth, and I'm whiny now and I want to clean my house, enjoy my new gifts, pack for the weekend trip, and take a nap (and another shot of "witches brew").

How about I catch y'all next year?


Anonymous said...

yo, yo, yo..

can't believe we were in memphis at almost the exact same time!

what if we'd seen each other on the you think we would have recognized each other?

wow, dude. that's kinda freaky!

but, also really cool.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Happy 2008!

That witch's brew sounds tasy. ;)