Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend, Weekend, Wherefore Art Thou Weekend?

Time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe the weekend is over. Quick summary (and then moving on to my incessant whining):

  • Dinner with M and R and handful of other couples all to celebrate that M moved back into town and now he can propose to R. Well, those are my thoughts. J and I have bets on the proximity of moving date to proposing date.
  • Saturday morning garage saling with my husband. This means we drive around and drink coffee and that's about it. Although we did find a huge doghouse for Mack for only $10. I'm not convinced he'll ever go inside of it, however.
  • Saturday afternoon was the Zoo for J's company picnic. Much like this trip, only just the two of us and it included free lunch and ice cream and oh, oh, oh, --a carousal ride. woot!
  • Saturday night I babysat (read drank their soda and ate their grapes while reading a great book and peeking up at the kids occasionally and sending them to bed) while J took an online midterm. Yuck!
  • Sunday was church, well it would have been but we slept in, and then off to the sticks to meet up with my cousin and his family to grill out and go to the corn maze, hayride, and pumpkin patch. Then it was back home for J to study and me to layout a newsletter before my weekly indulgence of Desperate Housewives.

Not a very exciting post? Well, I'm not very excited so this is all I've got today. I have to have blood drawn this evening. You know, where the tie your arm up and stick a needle the size of a straw in your wee little veins in the bend of your arm and take out enough blood to fill gallon jugs? I take four shots a week for allergies (you can search that on here somwhere) and this makes me want to cry real tears and run far far away, only they'll find me because I run with the dog (loosely speaking) and he's microchipped.

Help me! Tell me your calming secrets that makes this ordeal painless and futile. Or pet me and baby talk so that I can indulge in my wimpiness. Or, send milkshakes and cookie dough.


Kas said...

*Pets Mrs. M on the head*
You will be ok! My husband is deathly afraid of needles as well, only he almost dies every time they try to stick him! And by die I mean pass out/vomit. I don't enjoy it by any means, but I can handle it. I just go to my "happy place". I know it is super corny, but I can't think about what is going on or I will pass out!

Cakabaker said...

I am fine as long as I don't look while they are doing it. I am sending lots of milkshakes and cookie dough to you :)

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I don't mind having my blood drawn. And, I LIKE to watch! Is this wrong? Hmmmm...maybe.

But, my husband, on the other hand, freaks out! I like to make fun of him! Ha.

Platinum Rose said...

Ick, I hope your blood draw went ok!!! I don't like them either. I hope you win the bet on how soon M proposes to R! Your weekend sounded fun to me!

JayJenny said...

I miss you! This moving thing is hectic!

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. I can't wait to do that again!

As for the needle/blood thing. I get really anxious and almost pass out. Ever since they started drawing it while I lay down and I don't peek, I'm fine. Best of luck!!

Look forward to the cookie dough afterwards, it's on it's way Babe!!