Friday, October 12, 2007

On average

Interesting stats about the average American:

The average American will eat 35,000 cookies in their lifetime.

Oh please, I've already eaten that many! I'm sure I'm second only to the Cookie Monster (or maybe Brittny--she loves her some cookies/sweets/desserts too!)

The average American will walk two times around the earth in their lifetime.

I surpassed that stat long ago! I did attend a large urban campus where walking was the only method of transportation and my first class every day was a mile away (up hill both ways in the snow, of course.) I probably walked 5-7 miles a day just getting around campus. I'm sure all of those pub crawls racked up the miles too. On top of that I like to run and walk for enjoyment/exercise/to be healthy/etc.

The average American watches four hours of television per day.

Are? You? Kidding? Me? Who has that kind of time? That's 28 hours per week, two months of your life, nine years in front of the tube. I rarely feel like I'm home four hours per day, less sleeping. I barely watch 4 hours per month, and that's only because Desperate Housewives is back on.

The avearage American drinks 22 gallons of beer per year.

For J, maybe. For me? Add some wine and you've probably got yourself a stat!

The average American spends $3,000-$6,000 on the holidays.

Hold on! Wait a minute. I think my heart just stopped! I can't fathom numbers as large as that. This is definately not true for the M House. You know me!

The average American saves less than 5% of their income.

Heck no! I want to stay at home with kids and J wants to retire (early/at some point/period!). We're big savers!

The average American reads (all-inclusive) 8 hours per week.

I love to read! I've never timed it but I'm sure I meet or exceed this. It actually seems like a high number compared to the amount of people I know that don't read. And especially compared to the TV watchers above.

The average American goes to the movies five times per year.

I probably don't do this. If this tells you anything, J and I received 20 movies passes (each) as a wedding gift. We've used two of them, because we gave one set away. We've been married a year and a half. Yeah, I know!

The average American uses the restroom six times per day.

I have a "baby bladder" as J affectionately calls it. I'm sure I triple this per day, at least double. He'll probably tell you I can go six times in a short roadtrip.

The average American visits a fast food restaurant five times per month.

No way! I/We may visit once per month. Although ususally if we're considering it, we hit Pelancho's or Silver Spoon.

The average American shops six hours per week.

Hmmm, maybe. I suppose if you factor in online browsing, the grocery store, and running small errands, this could be accurate. Although, with the Great Dish Debacle of 2007, I've done a bit more shopping as of late.

The average American eats 200 sandwiches per year.

Probably, I eat sandwiches a lot for lunch.

The average American moves 11 times during their lifetime.

I did that just in college! I was a nomad! Me, a sleeping bag, and a toothbrush!

How average (or unaverage) are you?


Kristen Miller said...

Less cookies=more of an ice cream girl

Less walking=I'm a slacker

Less TV= maybe 4 hours a week now...before I used to watch that much


$ on holidays=I nearly had a heart attack when I read that...this year we'll spend maybe $300 in the future I can't see it exceeding $1500

Savings=as much as we can...we've got major hospital and school bills now but we don't spend $ on any wants

Reading=8 hours a year maybe...sad I know...I'm trying to improve

Movies=in our dating days we did a movie every weekend...nowadays we'll be lucky to get it in 2 times a year

restroom=seems about right...with the exception of the time I was prego

Fast Food=Does Papa Murphy's pizza count? we have that once a week...other than that maybe once a month too

Shopping=Maybe more...I browse crap that I'll never buy online all day long

Sandwiches=more...I've been eating a PB&J every day at lunch during the week for probably a year now far I've lived in 4 places

I'm relatively un-average!

brittny said...

Ha- I laugh at the cookies thing. I surpassed that when I was like, what? 16 or something??

I believe the walking thing.

I don't have time to watch that much TV, but if I could... I might.

Kuwait is a dry country. Alcohol is illegal. Someone somewhere out there in the world is drinking my 22 gallons,though, I"m sure.

If you count the freaking plane tickets we just bought to go home for christmas, then yes, we spent about that much.

Right now we're saving a lot. I hope we're able to save more than 5% when we go home one day too.

Does reading email count??

Will loves going to the movies. We probably average once a month or so.

Hey! We BOTH have baby bladders! I triple it too. I'm so embarrassed everytime I have to walk to our bathroom. It's like the walk of shame. "Uh- here comes Brittny AGAIN," my coworkers say.

We eat out every weekend.

We suck.

I probably eat 200 sandwiches a year.

I grew up with a dad in the military. I went to 9 different schools by 5th freaking grade. NO MORE MOVING!

What a fun post!