Thursday, October 04, 2007

Please, not pawing or panting.

People love my husband, they just do. Maybe it's his charm and wit or his dashing good looks.

Example: today I go into the insurance agency to sign the paperwork for our life insurance. As soon as the receptionist and representative realize who I am they immediately start gushing about how wonderful, and sweet, and fun, and so nice, and blah, blah, blah, that my husband is. But seriously, it went on and on. I think it only paused so they could wipe the drool from their faces. The pause was only briefly as they began regushing when they saw my ring as I signed the papers. I was beginning to think I should set them up on a little date they were so smitten. Geesh, no wonder he loves that place so much. Good thing I snagged him early: he's a ten!

So speaking of life insurance--we're old. When was it cool to go get a life insurance policy? We've had policies through our employers but decided to go ahead and get something more permanent so that changing jobs, moving, or my not working one day (hopefully) will not be affect us and if a pre-existing condition comes into play then we won't be denied at future employers. Besides we got a standard rate for twenty years...Woot! (See above about being old). However they have to draw blood. J tried to convince me it was a finger prick, but it's not. Even though I get shots twice a week, I still have horrible anxiety. And the thought of tying that little thing around my arm, tapping my veins, and draining a whole vile of blood makes me light-headed and I just want to pass out now. Seriously, just sedate me until it's over.

So has anyone else shopped for non-employer life insurance? Hmm, not like you'd tell me since you all want to be hip, young things. I often tease J about it when he doesn't eat well or get a healthy amount of exercise. I've been known to say things like "Well sure, go ahead and eat it. Then call and up your life insurance. Me and my next husband will need it." What? You thought only he had wit? (I have charm too, it usually comes with wine.)

On the other hand, J and I have talked specifically about what we should do in the event we are recipients to said policies. I'm to pay what I need to and then spend the rest of it on "ridiculous, frivolous stuff" so that the "next (person) can't have it" and give him a "good 18 months of mourning" before marrying again. Now that's love I tell you.

On a serious note when I really think about the whole life insurance thing it upsets me. I can't imagine anything happening to my husband or living without him. I know it's inevitable but too much thought and it upsets me. I suppose that's where my slightly odd sense of humor comes in. I mean, I am the girl that picked out a hardwood casket for her father telling the funeral director "he always wanted hardwood floors, I guess I'll give him a hardwood ceiling too." I'm certain she's still not recovered.


Rusti said...

Oh Mrs. M - you crack me up!!

Seriously though - we both have life insurance through our employers, and have thought about getting it elsewhere as well, but of course we need money to do that - and right now we aren't in a position to do so... well, we might be if we weren't saving for the cruise and Al's Illinois hunting trip coming up... but still - I think it's a good idea to have it, although thinking about it upsets me as well... May we all live long, happy lives.

Anonymous said...

I, too, do not like thinking about what I would do if something were to happen to Matt. It just upsets me beyond words.

We have insurance through our employer, although Matt wanted his policy to be larger, should I take possession of said policy....he wants to make sure I'm taken care of.

And, I'm with's to many, many long, happy years!

Kas said...

Tom and I, though we don't consider ourselves of the young hip crowd any longer, do not have policies on each other. We really don't have a reason to since we have no debt except for student loans, and those die when you do! I think our parents have policies that would cover funeral expenses... Man this IS a morbid topic.

But it is good that you guys got it while you ARE young, because it is cheaper! You are so responsible. :) Just don't think about it.

girl from the south said...

It's understandable that you'd be upset with everything relating to your mom, dad and life insurance. I'm glad that you and J are being proactive with it.

It's odd and grown up to make plans like that. I have a very generous policy with my job that covers all my needs now. It was strange to go over all my assets with my parents in case something happens to me.