Monday, October 29, 2007

It's great to be a Tennssee Vol!

Our little family of Tennessee fans!

Saturday morning J and I decided to go to the UT vs. USC game that evening. Our tailgating action included dinner at the DTGB (where I/we could have the Downtown Nut Brown--yum!). We love that place and lucky for us it's only about 9 or 10 blocks from the stadium.

I love Tennessee football games, and especially night games. I get so nostalgic being on campus, but that's another post for another time. This was a fabulous game to watch and we have great tickets. The first half was awesome with Tennessee's commanding lead of 21-0. The second half, well not so awesome. It was at that point I thought Phil had wrapped the game in a bow to hand it over. USC came back with three touchdowns and a field goal for a lead of 24-21. Tennessee had two kicks, missed the first one and was pushed back for a penalty. J was disgusted and ready to leave with 9 seconds on the clock claiming there was no way they'd make it if they hadn't made the first one. Oh ye of little faith! I refused to leave with a mere 9 seconds and Tennessee made the kick! Woot! Overtime. South Carolina won the toss and opted for defense. Tennessee made a field goal giving them the lead of 27-24. USC had one last chance, and lucky for us, missed it! We won! Not a soul played in that game and I think the whole thing was dumb luck. Nonetheless it made for a good night of football.

It was also great entertainment that sitting in our midst was a referee, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator, and an announcer. Yesiree! What would we have done without the profound insight of them sitting around us? Well, I just don't know. J gets great joy out of poking fun at such individuals. The (very intoxicated) offensive coordinator got up and half-time and didn't return. We were quite worried (not to mention clueless to what was going on.)

Also entertaining was the sorority fall fashion show. (Not to be confused with the spring fashion show at the boxing tournament.) I liked to look cute for the games and all, but I only broke out short skirts and knee boots for the obligatory dress-up for the Homecoming game. (Nothing like walking from White Columns to the Stadium in three and a half inch heels, yes GFTS and Mrs. S?) But some of these girls--geesh. I was clad in my dark wash denim jeans, khaki moc shoes, navy and white striped gap long sleeved shirt with a little orange with white and navy Tennessee tee over it. Compared to the runway that is the stairs, I felt a bit frumpy. Oh the ridiculousness!

These aren't the best pictures, but my camera is on the fritz but has to last through the end of the year. Left to right: Tennessee running through the Power T before the game. J and I having fun, the Pride of the Southland half-time show (love the band), and the last picture where the alma mater was being sung and I get a wee-bit misty eyed. I puffy heart you UT!


Amy said...

Love those VOLS!! The band shots were awesome! Also were we crazy to wear insane shoes to walk to the game and party afterwards? No wonder my feet cringe at the thought of 4 inch heels! But I suppose at the time we were too cool! And I mean honestly who could push frat boys in pools, dance on the bar, and do a round of shots with out their heels on?

Kas said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time. Personally, I go to football games just for the halftime shows! But, I am a former band geek, and go to marching band competitions... I get excited just thinking about a whole day of marching band shows. Anywhoo, sounds like you guys had a blast!

Zoe D. said...

It was one of the MOST STRESSFUL GAMES EVER!! GO VOLS! I puffy heart my good ole alma mater too:)

girl from the south said...

We had a party, and one of my friends is a USC alum. It was awesome to win!

So jealous that y'all got to go to a game. Now that I have officially-licensed UT Crocs (see my blog), I need to get tickets to a game. And I remember when the orange and white Fake Spades were the height of UT fashion.