Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I stand by the fact that I'm not a bad driver

Hubs and I meet at home for lunch nearly everyday. We're both fortunate enough to live rather close to our offices so that we have a very little commute. Today one the way home I thought I'd swing through the local farm store for some fresh milk and to fill up my gas tank while I was at it.

Well that I did.

And then I called hubs.

"Hi lovely, darling, precious, sweetheart husband--you handsome thing you. Um, I'm at the farm store on the pike and I have flat"

SuperHubs flies on over to save the day and change my tire. He looked at me quizzically.

"Cupcake, did you maybe hop the curb when going in excess of the speed limit and not braking properly"

"Nohoneyreally! Iwasn'tgoingthatfastatall! But, uh, er, I kinda did apparently hop the curb, um, just a little bit. But not because I was driving like it's turn four of Talladegga--that's what Mrs. S does, but not me, no, huh-uh!"

(Sorry Mrs. S!)

"Yeah, just a little bit."

Strangely hubs wasn't very entertained when he popped my trunk to find a wedding dress, blanket, backpack, and easy-bake oven.

He gave me a less than humored look and I'm fairly certain he followed up with an eye roll.

"Honey I need those things! I might have a fance something or another to go to on the fly, and I might get cold, and that backpack has everything from jumper cables and maps to lipgloss and bandaids--clearly just the essentials. Oh, and the easy-bake is just incase a hunger pain strikes while wearing the dress wrapped up in the blanket."

"Well go inside and pick up some cookie dough while I change this"

I believe I detected a bit of smarty pants in that comment. Yes I do.

(Really the backpack does contain essentials, and the blanket is incase I break down and get cold. The dress is because I had it cleaned after the fountain fiasco and havne't bothered to remove it from the car since it's stored in there as nicely as in my closet. And as for the easy-bake, well everyone has those in their trunk, right? Ok, it's for Pie, she's visiting in less than two weeks.)

Hubs stripped off his dress shirt and changed my tire in his work chinos and undershirt (whistle!). He completed the great tire change and checked out the damage.

"Well I don't know what the hell you did Cupcake, but you did a good job."

I smiled proudly--what a compliment.

I looked at the little donut tire.

"Um, J, this looks a bit flat too."

"Why yes it does--drive slow and don't wreck in the two miles home."

That's why I love him--he gives such great advice.

And really, I am a good driver.


Amy said...

Ok, first and foremost I am a GREAT driver! So what if, I wrecked my first car multiple times in less than a year! I became an expert on body work and is that not a sign of genius!? Second - who does not like to think I-40 is a Nascar straightaway? And when you live in the land of flat cotton fields like myself, and you get the opportunity to have some fun with curvery / hilly / windey roads....well just call me Dale. I may not be the intimidator but God help the slow poke in front of me on Rockwood mountain when I am almost home! Of course I don't think today's Nascars come equiped with CD players. So if you see a Red Two Door Toyota with MS tags blaring AC / DC or Def Leopard in your review mirror, just move over and I will be by in a jiff!

Kas said...

I hate curbs! It is like they just come out of NOWHERE... bam! They are sneaky. :(

Anonymous said...

Matt says I drive too fast & craz-ily (is that a word)!! One time this old man on the interstate flipped me off as I drove past him. I told Matt about it & he said, "He was probably pissed at you for tailing him!". But, I wasn't tailing him....I mean, not really...I mean, maybe a little?

girl from the south said...

Ummm...I seem to remember another time driving down Cumberland Avenue when you hopped a curb and slashed your tire.

That was before Mr. M entered the picture, and we both stood there for about 5 minutes going through our guy friends to call (all were gay or wimpy). Luckily a nice man stopped and helped us.