Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I want to kiss Google


How did I ever live without Google in my life? Moreso, all of Google's nifty applications. I get so excited over it all that I could pee my pants (don't worry, I've peed these before.)

A month or so ago I decided to give Google reader a try. It was so fabulous I wanted to make-out with it! Also, it's much more discreet to idley read blogs when oh, I don't know, the CEO walks by me. Do you use Google reader? You should! It will change your life!

Next, the calendar. J was (whining/griping/ok, just saying) that he never seems to know what our plans are because they're all in my nifty little planner in my purse. I pointed out that I always tell him when I book an engagement and ususally consult with him before accepting or extending invitations. Yes, says he, but he doesn't remember those. Fine, enter (drum roll please) Google Calendar! First, I put down all of the plans I make (have made) for me or us. Then, I went to his email, created him a calendar, and put down the items I knew he had on the agenda. Then (oh my gosh it gets better) I synced them! I'm pink, he's blue, it's the cutest little calendar you've ever seen! We both know when the other makes changes and oh, it's lovely.

I've also downloaded Google Desktop on my laptop and WOW! there is so much to do! I suddenly have had to revive my pocket pc so that I can send love letters to Google from anywhere there is a wireless connection. I may even have to get my phone online.

Google--you've made my anal retentive, super-organized, OCD life so much better! I'm totally baking you cookies.


Emily said...

How did you find all this neat stuff? I am jealous!

Mrs. M said...

log into gmail and there are little buttons on the top. you can also go to google and search for the calendar/readers/desktop, etc.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love Google reader, too, although sadly I can't seem to permanently say goodbye to Bloglines (even though I've moved all my subscriptions over.)

Another cool Google thing is that you can feature some of your favorite posts in your sidebar...which I have done!

I heart the Google empire! ;)

Zoe D. said...

I heart google:)