Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I do believe this defines tacky

Two weeks ago I received a wedding invitation. Via Facebook.

Say it with me friends: TACKY!

The invitation was from a guy whom I was friends with in college. We both were in the same group of friends for several years. I graduated in four years (what was I thinking? I should have crammed my four years into five or six!) and most of them hung around for fifth, sixth (and seventh) years. We drifted apart as we graduated/moved/married/etc. and only occasionally chatted through messages on the above or other social networking sites. I never sent said person a wedding invitation or anything. In fact there is only one person from said group that is a friend today, likewise, I'm the only one that she is friends with as well. Not that the others aren't friends, but more of acquaintances now. Once we graduated, etc. I realized the only thing had in common with most of them was college.

As I looked at the invitation with disbelief I realized he apparently feels about 400 other people are fabulous friends who get the rocking Facebook invites. As I browsed through the list I realized we knew several people in common whom I didn't associate with him. I suppose he's as good of friends with them as he is me.

I won't be sending a gift. Had I gotten a proper invitation, I'd have at least sent a gift. However in this situation I suppose my thinking is one rude gesture deserves another. I know I know, my Southern manners are slipping. But seriously, a Facebook invite? I didn't even check the NO box on the screen. I refused to even acknowledge the dreadful thing.

Have any of you had similar situations? What do you think about sending such invites via online means?


Angelarae said...

Ummm, let me begin with "WOW".

Now, I've sent an "Hey, we're having a BBQ" invite via Evite, along with casual "Christmas Party" invited, but a WEDDING INVITATION via FACEBOOK. Now that's just BAD taste. I'd do the same, ignore it and not send a present. Wow.


Alicia said...

seriously? facebook?
holy crap! I would do the same thing. I mean really....I'm pretty sure I am now speechless, lol.

Happy Girl said...

I agree. That is really odd for someone to send invites that way.

I wouldn't go or send a gift either!

JayJenny said...

OMG, tacky is right!

Swistle said...

I've received online invitations to casual get-togethers, but nothing more formal than "We're going bowling! Wanna come?" A wedding invitation, now that's fresh. I'm not sure what I'd do. Probably check "no" (just so it wouldn't "remind" me) but not send any other response.

Lola's *mom* said...

When I was planning my wedding I read about a trend where people were beginning to email wedding invites out. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine emailing someone about the biggest day of your life! Same for facebook, myspace, blog, etc. It seems a little cold.

The only 2 possiblities here are: 1.) he's a guy and totally doesn't care and/or 2.) he's trying to save $$ but comes off looking pretty cheap.

Kimba said...

Wow, this is a whole new low to the definition of "bad etiquette"! Casual get-togethers are fine via evites, but a wedding! I suspect the dress code is shorts & t-shirts too! UGH!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I'm so old I didn't even know what Facebook was until recently. I'm just hip (ha ha) to MySpace. One my coworkers insists I set up a MySpace account. Little does she know I have a blog. Mwwaaa haa haa haa.

But yes that is tacky!

Platinum Rose said...

DEFINITELY TACKY! The closest I come to a "tacky" situation was getting an invitation like 1 week before the wedding, and the wedding was somewhere in Europe. Yea right, like I am going to be able to make those arrangements in 1 week's time, let alone for someone I hadn't seen or spoken to in about 4 years! I honestly think she just sent it to get a gift. Which I did NOT send to her.