Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Conversations* with my Hubby

Conversation One

J: Cupcake, I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who takes care of our landscaping and waters the flowers.

Me: That's because you are.

Conversation Two

J: I clean. I've dusted and that one time I cleaned the hall toilet.

Me: Ha Ha Ha Ha Har Dee Har Har (chuckle, cackle, snort, snort).

J: (not looking amused)

Me: Oh, you were serious?

J: Yes I am serious, who are you?

Me: Frank.**
Conversation Three

Me: That's the problem, you put things off and I just don't get it.

J: This is just now surprising you?

Me: One day when we're old and gray it will make me tick and we'll be in divorce court after 50 years.

J: Nah, I'd put off signing the papers.

*Disclaimer: We really are loving happy people. You just have to be present to enjoy the satirical, witty banter.

**Proof: I am the Rev's daughter.


Katie said...

bwhahah! What great convos. You should copy those and put them in a scrapbook.

JayJenny said...

Cupcake, OMG! You guys are too funny...

Platinum Rose said...

Funny conversations! I bet you two are a hoot to be around!