Friday, May 04, 2007

Tonight, We're Fancy

J and I are attending a garden party tonight. It's a Gatsby-esque 20's theme complete with a jazz band, black and white silent movies, a cigar girl, and martini bar! The words "free beer" and "free beer" were all it took to entice my husband that spending Friday night dressed-up at a social event was a good idea. However this event is also a fundraiser and the ticket prices made him have a bit of a conniption. So he has affirmed that he will dutifully place himself next to the buffet table with beer in hand at all times of the night to ensure he gets his Mr. Franklin's worth. I've pointed out to him that I spent more than this on our second date when I took him to my senior sorority formal. He pointed out to me that we didn't have a mortgage then and he bought me a large diamond for my left hand. But this is a fundraiser so half is tax deductible. Good reason, yes?

J and I don't get out much (you might have guessed) so an evening social event where I get to dress up has me giddy with excitement. Plus, I'm looking forward to meeting some of the boyfriends/fiances/husbands of the wonderful ladies that I've met this year in JLK. I have already pre-determined that they are all suitable for friendship with my husband. See, I've put myself out there for the greater good! The majority of our friends live in different states so I've sacrificed myself to finding us some local, fun, newlywed couples with whom we can be friends.
Awesome of me, right?

Bottom line, it's downright difficult to make friends when you're not in school. Even harder? Finding a suitable person to date. I'd always done that in class. Get the girl out of school and she knows not how to handle herself. We have friends from our community group at church, but no one that we really spend time with outside of related functions. We also have friends at work, but that's a fine line of being too friendly. There is one lady from the office that I spend time with outside of work but J hasn't met her husband yet.

How do you meet people? How social are you? Do you go out often or are you more of a homebody? How do you find people to date? Maybe it's just my town, but there's not much of a singles scene outside of the raunchy bars.

Ok, I'm going to go continue to be excited about my strapless garden party dress with cute pink heels!


JayJenny said...

Getting all gussied up sounds like a fun way to spend an evening. I hope you two have fun!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

OH that sounds too fun. We do not go out much any more but I'm hoping that now that our girls are getting older, we'll be more sociable!

It seems like when we do go out it's rare and we want it to be just us.

The cute pink heels...this may be photo worthy! ;)

Christina said...

Ooooo, fancy schmancy! Sounds like you're going to have a great time at the party tonight! Enjoy :)

Zoe D. said...

Adam and I have had such a hard time finding couples to hang out with. It's always the same, I'll like the girl, but he won't like the guy, or vise versa! We like to go out and eat and drink, and have a good time, but we have yet to meet a couple that we both can agree on. I think it's something in the water here:)

Christy said...

What a fun party event. I love the movie!

Re: being social..I love to be social but I also like staying home too. Since we live 45 minutes away from everything, we tend to stay home more then when we lived in the city. That's another reason I'd like to move back.