Thursday, May 03, 2007

Home Grown Hero

Have you heard of Jesco White? You know, The Dancing Outlaw? Well, you'll be excited to know he's from my neck of the woods. Yes, I'm a West Virgina girl and Jesco live(s/ed) rather close to where the majority of my family still resides.

My husband only learned of the Dancing Outlaw recently, and from a guy at work. He was very upset and disappointed that I'd not introduced him to Jesco before now. We watched both documentaries last night including the cut out, unreleased scenes. It was rather interesting and rather entertaining. He talked all about his childhood and his mother, Birty Mae, and wife, Norma Jean were also featured telling parts of the story. You hear all about Jesco's childhood including two stints in juvenile detention. He talks of his love for Elvis and his past drug addiction. He also had a guest spot on Roseanne in the 90s.

I think people not from rural Appalachia tend to see it with their jaw dropped in awe. Again, Jesco has a very interesting life story, and it's true. Sadly, everyone capitalized on Jesco's fame, except for Jesco. His current conditions are the same as those featured in the documentary.

You can read more about him here. You can see Jesco dancing here. Hear Jesco talk about sloppy eggs. This is a news clip. Visit YouTube and search for Jesco White or The Dancing Outlaw. Go search it out, you won't be disappointed. J was enamored. It's official, if I cave and we get a dog, he will most likely be named Jesco.

Go ahead, tell me how much you love Jesco White, The Dancing Outlaw. Had you ever heard of him before? Share with all of us your own home-grown heroes.


Sitting said...

I 'd never seen him. Now I can die happy.

JayJenny said...

Nope, you're right - I've never heard of him before. Hmmm...