Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Breaking the Blonde Sterotype

Last night my friend A (who is a Mrs. M as well but this is my blog and I'll be the Mrs. M so for now she is A.) and I had a JL meeting downtown. We were chatting in the parking garage as we were leaving and I finally got to my car and it was dead. Wouldn't turn at all, would not respond to the key or anything. It could be worse, I suppose it could have been stolen.

Luckily A (who is a redhead) was lost looking for her car so she was able to come to my rescue, once she found her car. I (brunette) bring the trusty jumper cables out of my trunk and we're ready to go. Except that we aren't. Why? Well because in all our grown-up, adult, college-educated, genius, young, professional women brains, we apparently lack common sense. You need to raise the little red rubber pieces on the positive side and make a metal to metal connection. Yes, thank you! Thankyouverymuch!

This actually comes as a shock to me since I'm a very girl scout kinda girl in an "always be prepared" mode. I remember once in college my little red rocket saved a couple of guys in a dually truck with her jumper cables....and I was the one that knew how to use them. I can also change a tire and change my own brakes. My dad made me learn how. He was there supervising and all, but made me do it. I've determined that getting married has made me retreat to damsel in distress. I no longer have to worry about car or home repair issues, so I don't. And dare I say it I don't even touch the financial stuff. J is a financial, number crunching, guru and I'm perfectly happy just bouncing along finding red shoes on sale.

And as an added coincidence just this week I took a host of books to the local book swap shop. Probably 8 of my 10 trade-ins were of the girl power, do-it-yourself variety that I know find boring and pointless rather than enlightening and educating.

And that brings me to think "Damn! I'm married!" Never in a million years did I think that I would be very happily married and loving it at my current ripe old age. (I'm fairly certain that if you ask Southern Girl, she'll agree that she too is equally as shocked!) Hey wait, given the fact my dad made me learn all the stuff on my own....perhaps he didn't have much hope for me either. Hmm....

Don't just leave me here to to sulk in my idiot moment. Give me yours!

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