Monday, April 16, 2007


I babysat this weekend. They left me home alone with their children and their Girl Scout cookies.

The children were safe. The Girl Scout cookies were not.

The R's came home to find 2/3 of their children awake. Baby C decided to nix the whole schedule (I didn't mind, but J insisted that he had it in writing that she should be alseep) and P, the infamous light sleeper, hadn't been in bed long enough. When O (the dad) came into the den to see J holding C he noted "I knew we should have had another beer." This said just before bundling feet came down the hall and P came into the den. "Or five", noted O. Ha! They crack me up. At least Little O. was asleep, she's been the fit pitcher these days.

It was quite an exciting night for us with a gassy 4 month old (C), a whiny 3 year old (MO) and an energetic 5 year old (P). Oh, and the power outage? That was fun. J was carrying a sleeping MO up the stairs, I had Clare in one hand and P climbed me in the other while holding J's cell phone for light. Just before I put him down for bed we read books by candlelight. When he told his parents about it, he said it was "so romantic." I love those kids.

Also, above events pushed the child bearing time for my husband back to seventeen years. We'd came so far....


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

It's good practice, though! ;)

The beer comment sounds like US! Ha!

Platinum Rose said...

Hahaha, and now the count's up farther than the original 15 years! You are too funny :-)