Friday, April 13, 2007

(More) Recent Projects

First, here are the balloon shades in the master bedroom I've been claiming to do for so long. They're finally finished.


After (I'm a firm believer that window treatments just make a room!):

Then we have this fun little tote. I cal it a "picnic bag" because I fill the inside with picnic goodies (plates, cups, pitchers, tablecloth, etc.) for gifts. This was an early birthday for Bex this past weekend. I monogram the last name of the family on it which is why it's blurred except for the A. It's much cuter without my amatuer paint shop skills that I've displayed here. This is a store bought canvas bag (it's very sturdy!) and I sewed on the ribbon and rickrack. I think I may also put a cute button closure on the snap. What do you think?

The bag has a hooks inside and a snap closure on the outside. I like the way it looks when the inside is hooked. It's very cute and holds your goodies in better. I made one of these bags for J and I and it's also good for traveling or family outings of any kind. I just really love the picnic idea for it. Ours is a different color scheme, I'll post pictures sometime. And how cute are these? HAIR DOTS! These are great for children's hair, especially the fine baby hair. They're much tinier (with room for only one initial) and are made with those little clear rubberbands. I made these for Sydney's Easter basket and hid them in the eggs. She sported them all weekend in her cute pigtails.

Isn't she cute with them? (yes, I know I've shown you this picture here, but it's so cute! And I'm shocked that I took it!)And here's the cute little basket, complete with eggs that the hair dots were hidden in. I wanted to get a basket she could use again and found this one that will be perfect for holding books in her bedroom. J and I filled it up with bubbles (Pie's favorite thing!) the apron, ruffly panties, eggs with hair dots and gold fish, candy necklace and bracelet set, two cute little eating trays (we have not plastic items at our house) with matching water bottles, sidewalk chalk, playdough, crayons, coloring books.....geesh, why didn't I make one of these for myself?
Here is an upclose of the apron:

And of the ruffly panties/diaper cover with her monogram on it. I've made her several pair of these in tons of colors. I did these as white on white because I think they look so classy and she can wear them with anything. I officially think I need some cute ruffly panties with my monogram on it!


Anne said...

Wow. I'm trying not to be jealous of your abilities. Nice job! I like the hair dots alot!

Kristen Miller said...

Goodness...It's all so cute! You sure would be handy to have around the house. LOL. Hope you have a good weekend.

JR and Lindsey said...

Oh Lala! I may just have to have you make me some of those! Not personally haha but for some friends' kids :)

Mrs. Flinger said...

I need lessons! :-) Awesome work and yes, window treatments TOTALLY make the room.

Christy said...

Did you make the balloon shades yourself? I want to learn how to sew so I can make my own window treatments. I just can't pickup the sewing thing.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love the ruffly monogrammed panties!!!! You did great on the basket. Seriously, you will rock as a mom some day Mrs. M!

And the window treatments are really lovely.

There's nothing worse than nekkid windows! ;)

JayJenny said...

Good Lord woman, you rock! I'm sure all of your friends just love gift time!!

Platinum Rose said...

WOW you are talented! I would add the button closure to the tote, I think that would be a nice additional thing to do. I want a creative friend like you around to give my future kids all this neat stuff! Bex is a lucky friend :-) and Sydney's a lucky girl to have you for an aunt!