Monday, April 02, 2007

For Your Entertainment

Saturday morning I received a call from my boyfriend asking me to dye Easter eggs with him. His mother had offered but he was very insistent saying he "only dyes Easter eggs with La La."

J and I went to babysit on Saturday night so we set up shop for some egg dyeing fun. Girlfriend immediately swooned J into going to the market for more eggs.

Boyfriend is obsessed with (you're not going to believe this) rednecks. This kid loves talking about rednecks.

Just a sampling of some of the things out of his mouth, followed by fits of laughter:

As soon as we walk in the door:
"Hey J, you wanna play rednecks?"

When his dad heads down stairs:
"Hey O, bring me a beer!" followed by "that's what a redneck says."

When finishing up the applesauce in his bowl he dove his face in it to lick it clean:
"That's how a redneck eats."

When hearing a loud car go by:
"There goes a redneck."

Out the blue:
"Hey La La, I went into the woods once and I saw mice, rats, and rednecks."

Other fabulous quotes from the evening:

When his parents arrive home his dad opens the fridge to see several cups of Easter egg dye.
"Sweet, La La taught the kids to make jello shots."

Then, Mrs. R asks how Bear (a mere 3 months old) was to which my darling husband responds:
"Oh, she ran around raising hell all night."
Followed by: "She was great! She was held, rocked, kissed, fed, changed, she could only have been better if La La would have given her a boob."

So after Mrs. R and I chatted for quite a bit, it was after midnight when we were on our way home. Suddenly my memory sparked and I realized I'd forgotten my pill that evening. This is how it went:

Me: Ugh! I forgot my pill, remind me to take it as soon as we get home.
J: What? The three kids all night didn't do that for you?

Yes, this is my life.

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Kristen Miller said...

Too funny! Sounds like a very entertaining evening. I don't think I could've controlled my laughter all night with all the cute one liners.