Thursday, January 04, 2007

Visiting K(and the new mommy and daddy!)

Last night J and I took dinner to my cousins and visited little K. J opted out of the hospital visit so this was his first time meeting her.

I made my "famous" potato casserole (seems I'm always writing about casseroles!) at the request of the new mommy. J and I took it over with some other things for dinner and "ooohed" and "aaahed" over pretty little K.

I hadn't seen her room since it had been finished complete with pretty green walls with yellow accents. There's a K above her crib and a rocking chair in the corner! It's absolutely darling and fit for a little princess.

I can't believe how strong she is. When I held her at the hospital and she was only six hours old she kinda threw her head back. I thought it could just be a fluke. However as I held her on my chest (oh the desire of many!) she would raise her head up and look around when she heard new noises. When her proud daddy holds her up and puts his hand under her feet she'll stretch out and "stand" up. She really is quite a Hercules Baby! It must be all of the football player in her from her daddy.

Speaking of the proud daddy, I never thought I'd see "Big, Tall, and Ugly" (my nickname for him as a child which was made up by his sister, but he doesn't believe me. To even the playing field he called me "little, short, and dumb") so blissfully happy and in love as I see him with his wife and new daughter. They are such a cute new mommy and daddy and are just overjoyed at the new addition to their family.

This brings me to think of new parents. I remember when Pie was born her daddy couldn't keep his hands off of her. Even when she was peacefully sleeping in the crib he'd be in her room every 3 minutes, looking, doting, taking another picture. My cousins are the same way. We were eating dinner and they put Katelyn in her swing, every two minutes one of them were up to check on her. It's quite hilarious, and slightly ridiculous!

However I say this having no children of my own. Perhaps I'll be the same way. But years of nanny-ing tell me that perhaps I'll know better too. I've already raised several children, starting with my brother. I was nearly 13 when he was born and raised him from day one because of our parents work schedules among other things. He didn't speak until he was five and I went off to college. I spoke for him. "No, he doesn't want that. Little brother doesn't like that. Here give him this. Hey Little Brother this is what you want" Besides my brother I have brought 3 little boys from 9mo. old to their current five and six and two little girls from birth to two and three.

Maybe all the incessant checking is nervousness and I'm far beyond that having as much experience as I do. Maybe I'll be the same way and not let anyone hold my baby, because it's my baby and if you want to hold one go have your own! I can see J being a doting father much like cousin and Mr. Bex, checking on baby every waking (and sleeping) moment being amazed and blown away but every little blink and yawn. It's so cute to see new daddies.

However God help the child we have if it's anywhere near my husband when the alarm goes off and he's smashing it on the bedside table frantically hoping this will make it snooze and finally giving up and throwing it across the room.

Stayed tuned for the next three years and I'll update you on our parenting status! For now we're perfectly happy being Auntie La La and Uncle J.

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