Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hang 'Em, Hang 'Em High

I live in a relatively safe town, a small to mid sized city. I also live in the nicest, safest part of town. The most crime that has happened is when a band of gypsies were breaking into homes while families were on vacation. The would loot and leave. I'm definitely not afraid of this happening in my very modest neighborhood when there are the much fancier neighborhoods with much fancier houses.

However earlier this month there was a very violent and brutal crime that took place in my town that started as a "carjacking" and ended with a young couple being horribly murdered, and I'll just leave it at that since the details are very, very bad.

First of all, I don't understand why there are so many details out there. To me, displaying the violent acts somewhat glorify it and only give suggestions to other evil spirits who would plan such a crime. I'm in the media business so I know that such details aren't necessary. I really feel for the family. If I were the family of this young couple I wouldn't want to know the horrid details, much less have the entire world know them.

Second, at least 2 of the men involved had a criminal past. One, a convicted felon, and the other was on parole from a 20 year sentence for aggravated assault and robbery. The others had criminal pasts but I'm not sure I've ever read the extent.

I just don't understand our justice system. First of all, we convict someone of a crime or felony and send them to a place where they get three square meals, a bed, recreation, and an opportunity for education. I happen to know that our county jail (my cousin is a cop there) is super nice and the prisoners are somewhat living it up considering it's a "punishment." Maybe they want to go back and that is the problem. Why should it be so nice and easy on them, and on our hard earned money? Furthermore I get super upset over the criminals getting "life in prison", "double life in prison", "triple infinity to the moon life in prison", what is that all about? I just don't understand it.

You want my opinion? I thought you might. Hang them! Hang them high! I'm not really concerned about it being old fashioned, or so horrible, or so whatever anyone thinks it is. A few good public hangings and I'm thinking we'd cut the crime rate down considerable. Also, think of the money we'd save not putting prisoners through school, giving them a place to live, and three square meals a day. Why put up with this stuff? (And since you asked for my opinion on the Saddam hanging that is so controversial, I think it was long overdue!)

Not only does my heart break for this young couple and their families, but the whole ordeal really has me upset and worried. Again, I live on the West Side which is the nicest part of our town and this happened on the North/East side, which well, isn't the greatest part of town, but it still worries me. I'm afraid to be home alone after dark and drive home alone in the dark. I'm defiantly not running outside of the evenings now, and I'm being much more aware of my surroundings. I'm sure I'll get over it. A couple of years ago a girl was stabbed to death in her apartment (still unsolved, roommate suspicious) and I couldn't stay along for months!

Anyway, my point is so many innocent victims could be spared and the rest of the community have much more peace if we'd just really deal with criminals. Hang them high!

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JayJenny said...

I'm sorry that such a terrible and scary things happened where you live. Unfortunately, it happens all too frequently. I hope you once again feel safe at home and in the dark, but until then, I'll think happy and safe thoughts and send them on your way ;)!