Friday, December 29, 2006

A Visit to See the Babies

Oh-they're-so-cute-I-just-can't-stand-it! Little Miss K is a spitting image of her dad! I usually don't think you can look at babies and immediately tell her they resemble, but in this case, there is no denying it! She is very feisty kicking around and picking her head up. She makes the funniest little faces too. J and I are taking dinner to her parents next week and I definitely cannot wait to see her again!

Baby R with no certain name now has a name! The middle name is still in the works, but L. seems very fitting for her. She's got a head full of soft blonde hair and is as sweet as can be! I can't wait to take J to see her. I hope there isn't any jealousy from his girlfriend and big sister of L, Girlfriend !

Pictures to come, really! Can you believe I forgot my camera? And no, I do not have a camera phone. I know, I'm so old school. I didn't even get a flip phone until camera phones are cool. I've been able to "upgrade" my phone since summer but haven't really cared enough to do so. However this incident makes me think it's time for a camera phone, although in the past I've been adamantly against them that they are ridiculous and just something else to break. I'll quit being an old lady and get a camera phone now.

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