Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm spent! J and I were out of town (again!) this weekend. We really enjoyed our trip, but it's a lot to do in one weekend when there is a five hour drive. However, we've just not found another way to get in all the friends and family in Southern WV.I did a photoshoot for the A. family Christmas cards and they turned out quite darling. I'll have to post pics. Little Miss Pie was a delight and had quite a love for my husband. I think his words to me were, "Don't be mad she likes me more than you."

We spent a great deal of time with family and enjoyed Sunday brunch and the birthday celebration. My family absolutely adores J and they showered us with Christmas gifts. It was totally unecessary, but so sweet of them to still buy me gifts, and now my husband as well. We didn't get home until bedtime Sunday night. Such. A. Long. Weekend!

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