Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Spent, Stuffed, Spoiled, and Southern

"It's Christmas! We're supposed to be miserable!" --satirical quote from T-Ho.

I hope you all had the wonderful Christmas that J and I did. We started off by going to his home church with is parents on Christmas Eve, followed by the full family gathering at his grandparents house. It was really nice complete with chicken n' dumplins' and the reading of the Christmas story. We all unwrapped gifts before leaving. We spent the night with is parents and did Christmas morning with his parents and brother, his sister couldn't be bothered by spending Christmas with her family. After lunch we packed up and headed to my family (the Rev's) for the afternoon, where we stayed until after dinner. There was, of course, a large crowd! We ripped into gifts, ate until we couldn't breathe, ate some more, and nearly had T3 to the hospital to bring us a baby! However, after her visit today, she is scheduled to have a C-section in the morning. I'm so excited! Little Miss Sj will be here tomorrow and I can see her this weekend!

J and I finally got home after 8 last night where we had our Christmas together, which was very nice. It was such a busy day, but I'm glad we had our Christmas together that night. I'm also glad that we are able to spread out and spend time with both our families and everyone we love. And the presents, oh the presents! We are truly blessed with a pile of wonderful gifts and fat pockets of cash and gift cards to go spend. (Cash...I find it odd, but it's his family's way. You get a gift and the remainder of your gift in cash, or you just get wrapped cash!)

J had today off, while I had to work. Boo! However, I can't really complain since I meticulously planned my vacation and managed to have long weekends for five weeks in a row! However, I did send J to Target this morning with a list of after Christmas goodies to purchase. Do I have a great hubby or what? I'm sure he spent the remainder of the day in his workshop with all of his new toys.

So Christmas 2006 is over. We're spent (not even looking at the bank statement after our Santa duties are over. I think I'll wait until 2007), stuffed (eat, eat until you can't breathe, eat some more, take the leftovers to repeat process!), spoiled (we've so much to be thankful for! We're so blessed beyond material items), and Southern (the best thing to be anytime of the year!)

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