Friday, December 08, 2006

Can you break your pinky toe?

I think I've broken my pinky toe, is that possible? I stubbed it last night while flossing my teeth (which I don't enjoy, but do since my dentist tells me to) but it really wasn't a bad stub. It wasn't one of those I-think-i've ripped-my-toe-off stubs. It's was just an ouch-I-sure-am-clumsy stub. However it started hurting worse, and worse, and....

Finally I took my sock off and it was bleeding. Just barely, where I'd obviously stubbed it in that special spot where it jammed my toe nail, and no I do not have freakishly long toe nails, I just hit the special spot. So I put a band aid over it in case it continues to bleed so I can go to bed.

Well, the stubborn toe woke me up all night. It became very sore as the night went on and every time I'd move it would rub across the sheet and send me into excruciating pain. Ok, not that painful, but a really bad soreness that is annoying and wakes you up. Get it?

So this morning I attempt to take the band aid off which is quite a feat because it hurts to even touch. After several minutes I manipulated the band aid off of my toe and was shocked to see what was underneath.

My little tiny pinky toe is swollen to be freakishly as big as my thumb! And it's the reddish color of the purple-y color on bruises. It's a mutant toe now! So I have no idea what to do and just continue getting ready limping around like a gimp because of my aching sore pinky toe that I think is broken. I manage to find the widest shoes I own (Praise the Lord for casual Fridays!) so that it gives the most room to my aching pinky toe that is freakishly swollen to be as large as my thumb.

So, what do I do about this little issue? Is it broken? I'm thinking I should tape it to the other one so that it doesn't repair itself and grow sideways, but it's awfully swollen so perhaps that isn't the best idea just yet.

Any takers?

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Rbelle said...

If you want to avoid the doctor visit go to a good local pharmacy (not a CVS) and they should have toe splinters. You place it over the broken toe and tape it up where the tape doesn't hurt so badly. I guess CVS may have them as well, but local pharmacists are pretty well informed and often more accessible for you to ask questions.