Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

A couple of weeks ago while my husband was out of town, I did a great closet clean out! I love cleaning, organizing, sorting, etc. It just makes me hop around like a bunny at Easter. Fortunately for him I left his side alone since he's rather streamlined although he does have a lot of clothes for a man. My side however...I gave it a makeover.

Top Ten Items I Parted With

  1. My polo dresses. Yes, I love to play tennis in them, but when was the last time I wore a dress for tennis?
  2. Too Long Jeans. Rarely do I wear jeans anyway so there was no need to take up precious closet space with jeans that don't fit correctly.
  3. Ugly Jeans. I had a pair of hand me down jeans that I find unattractive. A little too collegiate for me.
  4. The Ball Dress. Yes, The Ball was in high school and I still owned 3 dresses I'd worn. Time to give it up!
  5. All Sports Queen Dress. Yes, I was on the All-Sports Queen Court my senior year of high school. That was, um, several years ago. (A. will do the math if you tell her which 21st birthday to refer to!)
  6. Formal Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Prom Dresses, OH MY! Do you know how much space these things take up? I managed to take my formal and cocktail dress collection from 15 to 5! Impressive, huh?
  7. Random Shirts. I had a few random pink and black shirts (since most everything I own is in the pink and black variety!) that were looking rough and not really work appropriate and I didn't wear them on the weekends either.
  8. "Going Out" Shirts. Behind every good Sorority Girls was a collection of "going out" shirts. It was time to modify my collection since I can't actually remember when I "went out" like that. "Going Out" for me now sings an entirely new tune than what it did then. Besides, my attire is not a little more Arden B. and Ann Taylor, and a little less Wet Seal and Body Shop (thank goodness!).
  9. Shoes. Those big black satin Mary Jane's that semi-hurt my feet and have a heel that I always feel is about to break....gone! The cute little red "bowling style" shoes that I just don't seem to have a reason to wear, gone! Oh the college days....
  10. Sweaters. Two of my favorite sweaters were washed wrong last season and now resemble a size 2T! I'm not sure how that happened since I've had them for some time and have always washed them the same way. At any rate...there was not squeezing those on me. I'd look like a busted can of biscuits!
  11. AE Sweatshirt. (OK, so this makes 11 on the list, but it's just too good not to post!) Say it with me friends, "Maroon, Gray, and White! Fight! Fight! Fight!". Yes, I had a beloved AE sweatshirt from high school and into college that I finally moved past. It's not as fleecy as it once was, it's too big in the not comfy sort of way, and I've only kept it because it was (obviously) maroon and gray which were my and are my little brother's middle school colors and I could be wear it to his football games without looking like a PTA mom and keeping warm. However I haven't pulled it out this season which is his last in middle school football and I know that I won't since I always leave straight from work to catch his games. Adeiu my maroon and gray AE sweatshirt!

I also managed to move past several other items, these were just the biggest, best and most entertaining. I had more clothes, a number of belts (multi-striped or fringy leather wrap around anyone?), bags, etc. that I cleaned out. The charity shop is going to love me!

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