Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Really, I wasn't going to post about yet another entertaining evening of middle school football, but I simply must.

Last night I made the pilgrimage 20 miles past the middle of no where to my high school town (not hometown) to see my little brother play football. It was also Homecoming night, so I expected a crowd. What I didn't expect was for every person in H. County to be present.

There was standing room only. There were more people at this game than there are in city limits. It was absolutely insane. Of course the band also took up a good chunk of space. I think it's neat that they had their band play for Homecoming.

Unfortunately, my brother did not score this time, but on the bright side, neither did anyone else! He was the cutest thing out there on the field though. I think the school desperately needs new coaches. These kids have such potential, but they teach them nothing about strategy or teamwork. (I've never want off on that tangent before!)

There were more than ample rednecks out for the evening and I could go on and on about mullets. I'm not sure why I'm still shocked at how much people in that town like to make idiots of themselves. Oh, and get this. I could do the moves and words right along with the cheerleaders! I didn't, of course. But they had recycled cheers for THIRTEEN years! (That was a huge admission of age on my part, take note!) I totally knew almost every cheer they did. If only I'd worn my RMS CHEERLEADER sweatshirt (which I still own by the way!). A cheer I didn't know would be that of the other team that said, "roll your body and stomp your feet...." WHAT? Roll your body? What happened to "Clap your hands and stomp your feet...." That was the mid 90's PG version of the cheer. These kids have nothing to roll and shouldn't be taught that anyway. I've decided that although I was a loud and proud cheerleader for 13 years, that should I ever have a daughter, I do not want her to be a cheerleader. I'm thinking dance and soccer.

In other events of the night was the presentation of Homecoming Court and crowning of Homecoming Queen. (Prepare for tangent here.) I'm not sure why, but I was in shock over what these young girls were wearing. The dresses (and I use that term loosely) were far too mature for these sixth, seventh, and eighth grade children. Although most of them were flat as pancakes, they managed to push up, out, and together the bit of chest they had. I suspect there were padded enhancements as well. Then there are the girls with quite developed busts that had it all (ALL!) hanging out. And the hips! Oh the hips! It must be the hormones they put in chicken these days because I've never before seen birthing hips like those on middle school kids. The dresses were short, tight, low cut, and well, tacky for the most part. There were two, maybe three, that I would think were acceptable and tasteful for middle school girls.

However, one of my brother's friends won Queen and the sixth grade Princess was his best friend's little sister. She's a cute little girl who has always had a crush on my brother and spent quite an amount of time at our house. I just hope that these kids don't turn into little snots! The way I see them acting makes me think that some already are. C'mon parents, instill a little character and values within your kids! Of course, their parents are probably the same way. At the end of the day, you still live 20 miles past nowhere, so get over yourselves!

Another shock of the night was the fireworks display after the Homecoming Court was presented. All I can say is, Wow! The city park puts on quite a show for July 4th, and I think this little display was trying to compete. I'm not the biggest fan of fireworks because they are noisy and cause pollution, but this was a good little show. It was so smoky afterwards I thought they were going to postpone the game until the players could see. I'm still in awe that there was such a firework display. I never (ever!) had anything like that in middle school. The most comparable event in high school would be the light from the smokers outside the restrooms at Friday night football games.

I guess little town 20 miles past nowhere is attempting to move on up! I still wonder where the money for such a little show came from. Isn't TN 48th in education? Is this really how we should work the budget to spend taxpayers dollars?

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