Monday, October 16, 2006


Finally, I can talk about all of the excitement that was for TA TA TWIN'S Birthday Friday night. I didn't want to leak any info about my even being excited so it could be a great surprise for her.

Friday was one of my very best friend's birthday. We planned a surprise party for her that was a bit out of the norm. When she showed up for the surprise, everyone was in costume, except for her of course! She was indeed surprised. So once the initial party surprised her they took her out to dinner where she awaited four "mystery guests." The mystery guests consisted of J and I, because we have such a long drive, as well as Mr. and Mrs. C who also had a long drive. We all arrived before they were seated though.
I'd convinced Ta that I had plans on Friday night but had made (fictitious) plans with her for later in the weekend so that J and I could celebrate her birthday with her and Luke. So she was really surprised when we skipped in. It was fabulous!

The costumes were great. I was a french maid. I wore my costume with jeans under since I could have been jailed if not. But I even put my garter over my jeans. It was quite a sight. J was a fireman. Ashley was a bling bling redneck, that I like to be known as Buckwild because, Justin was my favorite costume, as FLAVA FLAV!! Heidi was strawberry shortcake, and her boyfriend Aaron was a monk. Luke was Joe Dirt, and Ta, well was a pretty, pretty birthday princess forced to dine with the freaks and geeks in costume.

After dinner we all sang (long, loud, and horrible) Happy Birthday to her and had cake that I'd made for her. (I have to say, it was tasty! It's my famous Funfetti Birthday cake with pudding filling.) After that, we returned to Justin and Ashley's house (Mr. and Mrs. M to be!) and celebrated more with Ta Ta Tini's and some great 80's and 90's music. I was up well past my bedtime.

This poses the question, how can I remember all of the words to "Here Comes the Hotstepper" and "Achy Breaky Heart", but couldn't tell you a thing about college accounting?

Buckwild and Flava Flav

The stripper costumes

Joe Dirt and Pretty Princess

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