Monday, October 16, 2006

Shooting Watermelons

Saturday J and I spent with his parents since we were already in the Tri-Cities area. I spent the bulk of my day finishing up the cushions for the sofas in the den. I'd taken them so his mom could help me close up the end. Once she showed me, I felt ridiculously silly because the answer was obvious. She helped me finish them up and tuck the cording neatly together. It was very nice of her to spend so much time doing that. The cushions look great! I'm so happy the room is finished.

However, I did make it out of the sweatshop to take an official tour of the M farm. I know his parents own about a million acres "up to the ridge", but had never been there. I went 4-wheeling up with J and his dad to shoot watermelons. Yes, that's right, shoot watermelons. His family has a huge farm and grows everything you can imagine. They even have an orchard and berry bushes. There were some nasty watermelon that were rotting and were ready to shoot. (Apparently the wife won't let him pick any to shoot for fun, so he just might start poking holes in them so that they rot and he can use them for shooting purposes.)

So here we drive up to the M shooting range and I get ready. This is only the second time I've ever shot a gun. I'm a pretty pink princess, there hasn't been a lot of fun shooting going on for me. The first time was a team building project with Ambassadors when the ROTC took us to a driving range to shoot M16s. J has guns and I know they're in our house, but I didn't grow up around guns and am not really fond of them. Apparently the gun I shot over the weekend is a civilian take on an M16. Lucky for me, huh?

Having the horrible eye sight that I do and not having much shooting experience, I wasn't expecting much. Much to my surprise (and J's and his dad's) I blew up the watermelon on the first try! Yes, blew it up on the first shot! Impressive, huh? J and his dad were impressed to. J's comment was, "I'm going to start being a lot nicer at home."

My second shot didn't blow up the other watermelon, but the third shot did. I have to admit, I quite enjoyed my experience at the M shooting range and look forward to future artillery events. Don't worry, I'm still a pretty pink princess.

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