Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Mrs. M, and I Approve This Message

It's almost here, Election Day! J and I early voted last weekend. Early voting is really the way to go. The little old ladies could probably use the notebook method faster than the computers, but it's still easier than waiting until the actual Election Day. J and I did our part to keep Harry out of DC. What a spoiled brat (in the words of A's Mom from the South!). Did anyone happen to see his attempt to crash Bobby's press conference? How immature and desperate is he? Hopefully that combined with his other pointless ramblings will keep him out of the Senate.

J likes to go off on his ramblings about how certain companies like P. Corp do not use biodiesel and P. Corp heavily supports and endorses Bobby. However, just because P. Corp doesn't report what they do to the unofficial, tree-hugging, hippie biodiesel people, doesn't mean they don't use it. Besides, why does that really matter? Just because they support Bobby? Geesh!

Lastly, I support those people who say they vote on the candidate and what they stand for rather than the party. However, do you know realize that whomever is elected will follow their party's platform? That's the way these things work you know. Voting for the candidate is merely voting for personality. Frankly, I could care less about your personality as long as you get the job done right. I find that those who say this classify themselves as Independents, which basically means "I'm a Democrat and I'm ashamed of it."

No matter what your party or opinions, Go Vote!

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