Monday, October 23, 2006

Amazing Weekend

This was quite a fabulous weekend. Saturday was the most perfect football weather in the entire world. The air was crisp but the sun was out. I love those few, glorious, fall weekends with perfect weather in East TN.

And, how 'bout them vols my friends? Was that game fabulous or what? It was so fun to watch since it was anyone's ballgame the whole time. I thought I'd pee my pants near the end. J got extra tix and Ta's boyfriend L. was able to go, talk about exciting. I think that move scored J a role as groomsman.

Other events this weekend inluded painting our shutters. The shutters and door were a burgandy color and it was very faded. Besides that, J and I aren't burgandy color kind of people. So we've painted all of your shutters a great shade of blue, and are working on the doors. I'll post pics when the project is all finished.

I finally made my wedding shadow box this weekend. Let me tell you, I think I outdid myself. Considering I have more creativity in my pinky finger than most people do in their entire body (I'm not being cocky, but it is a gift), I was sure it would go well, but still, I outdid myself. I retied my bouquet to be tighter since it's been dried. I placed it in the center with the other items on the sides, but not in an asymetrical fashion, I think that's boring. I put the big bow from my bouquet seperately. I included a Save-the-Date card, an invitation (two actually, one of the front and one opened up), a rehearsal dinner invitation, a program, and my garter, handkercheif, and headpiece. I also accented with some of the polka dot ribbon I used for different stationaries and decoration. I would have included J's bout, but we aren't sure what happened to that. Oh, and there was of course a picture of the two of us. I would post a pic, but having out names plastered all over it would defeat the purpose of an anonymous blog.

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