Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting Picked Up

Today I got hit on while getting gas. I'm not trying to brag about my trophy wife status or anything (wink, wink), but the story is just too strange not to share. I suppose it's flattering to be hit on, but I'm very happily married so it doesn't mean much to me. (However, I have noticed that I've been hit on more since being engaged (which will be a year next Saturday, Nov. 4) and married in the past year than it seems I ever was before.)

Anyway, here is the story:

First of all, it's not the typical "Hey Baby! Heaven must be missing an angel...." type thing.

I pull into Pilot on my way back from lunch. I start the gas pump and go inside (I just had to have a diet cherry vanilla coke that you can make yourself!). I make my soda and go to pay. I, of course, have no cash and break out my card for the 97 cents. I stand there holding my keys while the lady processes my card and the guy behind me strikes up conversation. Not a big deal, since I talk to everyone (literally!), but it was an odd conversation:

Guy behind me: You drive a mustang?
Me: ?? (looks at him blankly) Um, no.
Guy behind me: Oh I have the same thing (nods to my key remote) and I drive a mustang.
Me: Oh, well, it must be a Ford thing.
Guy behind me: See here (shows me his key remote).
Me: Yes, that looks like mine.

Meanwhile the cashier can't make her register work so I'm still standing there. She pipes up she has the same thing and she drives a Ford. She finally hands me my receipt to sign and as I'm signing:

Guy behind me: You must have a wealthy man
Me: ??
Guy behind me: (Nods to my rings)
Me: Oh, well he used to have a healthy savings account
Guy behind me: He must be well off.
Me: (thinking to myself we just discussed I drive a Ford)
Guy behind me: That's the problem. All the pretty women have fancy rings already.
Me: (awkward laugh, thanks cashier)

Now there are several things wrong with this exchange. First of all, I'm obviously freaking wearing rings so why (Why!?) would you think it's OK to hit on me, or any married woman. Again, not a cheesy pick up thing, and it could be argued as just being friendly, but it wasn't. It was hitting. Second, this guy was not a funky old redneck that you'd expect this behavior from. He was young, attractive, dressed well, seemed to practice good hygiene, etc. So I'm left wondering why he even makes this weird conversation. I think we can conclude that the poor chap is low on the social skills. But perhaps if he'd attempt to flirt with someone who isn't wearing rings, he may get somewhere. Odd I tell you, it was just odd.

Maybe sometime soon I'll get the "your daddy must be a thief because he stole the stars from Heaven and put them in your eyes...."

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