Monday, October 30, 2006

A Beautiful Fall Day

Sunday was a very beautiful fall afternoon with perfect weather. I love that God gives me those wonderful days on the weekend to enjoy.

J and I made lunch for friends and then A. took some pictures of us at our house and in a nearby park. I'll post a few good ones when we get them back. She is a wonderful photographer. We are lucky to have two friends that are wonderful photographers (well, three, but considering one is in Ireland...) to take fun pictures for us. They both took extra pictures of our wedding for us, which included some of my faves, and Sec did our entire engagement session. Hopefully they'll remember the little people when they strike it big!

J and I carved a pumpkin we got from the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. I did a fabulous little monogram on one side (with a jigsaw, none of that sissy knife stuff!) and did a cute design of different sized polka dots on the other side using a drill. J decided not to carve his but to just let it be a pretty pumpkin for the next month.

I enjoyed the time change, but instead of sleeping an extra hour, I was up early because it was bright outside. J was up too so we decided to go to the YMC (Young Married Connection) at church that we'd been meaning to try. During the summer they only met every other week and it seems that we were out of town during most of the meetings, as well as being out for town for about 5 weeks this fall. But we finally made it, and we loved it. I'm glad it worked out for us. We plan on making being part of the class every Sunday and joining a small group. We saw several couples we knew, which was nice, and so many we didn't that were super friendly to us. I also saw four (4!!) little pregnant women. I sat on the other side of the room!

I love wonderful Sundays with my husband.

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