Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stamp My Passport, I Survived

That's right, I survived another trip to northern East Tennessee. I went to see my precious little brother play football last night. I'm so happy that I'm able to attend his games. I love that I live close by and can be there to support him.

Unfortunately, he didn't make a touchdown last night. But that's ok because no one else on his team did either! However they did play really well. Little brother got a lot of play time and I'm very proud of him.

He's so tiny, and although he's tall and I know that he has a lot of muscle and is super strong, I just want to scream when I see those chubby kids coming after him.


Besides the game, there was plenty of other entertainment out for the evening. All of the fine folk with no class and all redneck were out in full force. A few walked back and forth at the front of the railing of the bleachers. This is obvious because sitting down 2 feet back would hinder the referee from hearing their idiotic rants. It was great hearing them yell and coach the kids from afar. I'd love to see their football credentials.

However some are too lazy to stand up and just prefer to yell from their seats. Do you know that I heard obscenities yelled out at a middle school football game last night? Yes, I did. Isn't that sad? First of all I don't think such language should be used period, much less for any game or sporting event. But especially not for middle school kids.

So here we have handfuls of ignorant idiots making fools of themselves yelling at the referrees with such remarks as "throw this game, you've thrown the last four." Hmmm, let's talk about that. Of course the referrees are out to get one team. Perhaps the coaches should quit putting emphasis on a few key players and teach teamwork. Last year the coaches only cared about one kid who could run super fast if you'd just get him the ball.

So here we have this team of middle school boys who love the game and played their best yet are feeling about as low as gas prices in 1996. What ever happened to good sportsmanship? Perhaps we should teach these kids to keep their heads up and work harder for the next game. Teach them teamwork, teach them strategy, teach them the value of knowing that the worked hard and did their very best.

It was very sad. This team had so much to be proud of, yet I didn't hear any of the insane parents telling them that. They played a great game and had a very strong defense. The score was only 7-0, they worked really hard! As my husband said, you tend to be loyal to your highest education...perhaps why these guys are acting like idiots over middle school football rather than giving their children positive feedback and teaching them hardwork and dedication.

My favorite moment of last night: one of the players was undoubtedly acting in a way his mother didn't see fit. Unfortunately I didn't see what it was. What I did see was her marching down to the field, calling his name in that "motherly" tone, snapping her fingers and telling him "that is not what you're out there for!" It totally made my day. It's nice to know that some parents still value raising their children to know right from wrong.

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