Thursday, September 28, 2006

Plethora of Different Thoughts

First of all, I have to say that I think cleats could possibly be my best investment of the summer. Yes, that's right, cleats. Not my best ever hold it all up and in strapless bra, not my way cute kitten-heeled sandals, not that great summer cocktail dress, and not the perfect, must have new handbag, but little boys soccer cleats. They are amazing for my lawn mowing endeavors. Since the purchase I've yet to fall on my bum when mowing the slope in our yard. It's great!

My husband has built a fancy new little cabinet for our office. I'm very impressed with it. The top will have our scanner and printer on it, and when you open the doors there is a shelf for office supplies and a pull out filing drawer. Impressive, huh?

I'm very excited about the roadtrip to Memphis this weekend with the Y's to see the S's. We have quite a full itinerary of tailgating, ballgaming, shopping, and enjoying the Memphis nightlife. Plus I love these people! Mrs. S and Mrs. Y are a couple of the best friends a girl could have. The only thing that could make this better would be if Mrs. G and Mrs. M could be there. However, I get to see Mrs. M the following weekend.

Tonight I've been invited to a festive girly little party! I'm very excited about spending a couple of hours with the ladies. These gatherings always prove to be a fabulous time. I'm excited for when my turn rolls around.

I'm absolutely loving the lovely weather God is giving us lately. Even though it poured rain this afternoon, it was a lovely afternoon for a duck. Otherwise the perfect temperatures have been amazing for spending time outdoors before the cold weather sets in.

I'm very much enjoying my hair being long. It's be so easy to work with and always manages to look nice. I hope I continue to like it for at least 4 or 5 more inches. My goal is to do Locks of Love again.

Lastly, I've decided I need a magic wand. Apparently people at work think I can make cars out of pumpkins.

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