Monday, September 18, 2006

Just Go! Of course he's going to chase you!

My favorite comment made during the game when UT scored the second touchdown and the instant replay showed that he looked back about 5 times.

Sadly, the Vols fell short a point to the Gators. I really had high hopes that we'd pull it through. Although I even made the comment in the first half, "enjoy this score while you can!". Perhaps we'd pull through a victory if our defense had shown up for the game. Geesh!

In other exciting weekend news we had a great time grilling with friends early in the afternoon before heading downtown to tailgate and ultimately watching the game on the sofa at a friend's house. However, I stayed up way (way!) too late. I don't remember the last time I saw 3am. The M Bed and Breakfast had guests again! I love having friends over.

I slept in a little on Sunday morning but was up in time for my hubby and I to attend late service at church. A friend came over for lunch and then J and I went for a long bike ride on a fun little trail that afternoon. My rear is still a little sore from all of that time on the seat.

Can I tell you how much I love my bike? It's an amazing 12 years old. My grandparents bought it for me when I was in the 7th grade (oh the math on that one!) It has a few quirks, but still works great. My hubby (among other things) is a biking extraordinaire so he was able to jazz it right up. We replaced the brake and gear cables, handlebar grips, and tires. (However the same tires lasted for 12 years, sweet, huh?) All I need now is a cute little basket, some streamers, and a little bell (ding, ding!). How cute would I be? This bike has logged quite a bit of miles. I lived in a great neighborhood for bike riding and would go almost everyday after school. I'd take the two little girls that I babysat (they are now a senior in high school and in college) and then put my little brother on the Cookie Monster bike seat. What a work out! That kid was a pork chop when he was little. Finally he outgrew the seat which forced him to hop on his own bike to ride with me. (A good thing after all since he was four years old! Am I a good big sis or what?) So we'd take leisure rides around the neighborhood, pick flowers and deliver them to Mrs. C, a very lovely elderly lady in our church who lived a couple of streets over, and also ride to church in the summer time since it was at the entrance to our neighborhood. Good times!

To top off the weekend, last night we moved a dresser up to the master and switched around a few things in our house. I need about a million rooms so that I can carry out all of my decorating ideas. I love it. I think I totally missed my calling as an Interior Decorator.

And now it's Monday already...already??

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