Friday, September 15, 2006

The Gator Bus

This afternoon while eating lunch (outside enjoying this lovely weather!), I saw a large and colorful object approaching. It was a school bus. A school bus painted Gator Orange (which is VERY different from Vol Orange!) with a very large blue GATORS logo on the side with a stop sign that read "Gator Xing".

Yes, this weekend is the UT vs. UF game. I can only hope that last weeks game embarrassed the team enough to put their ego aside and work hard against Florida. I'm SO excited for tailgating and the viewing party Saturday night.

I love UT football weekends. I love how everyone wears orange on Fridays. You should see my office--it's a sea of orange. Saturday will be all orange and (especially if victorious) loyal fans will continue to wear orange on Sunday.

Tennessee weekends in the fall are the absolute best!

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