Friday, July 28, 2006

Puppy Fever

Everyone is getting puppies! It makes me have such puppy fever. I've been looking at dogs since J and I moved into our house. We found one last March that was a baby St. Bernard/Retriever mix. It seemed great but we really doubted we were ready for the responsibility of an animal. We very much like to get up and go whenever we want and an animal takes that spontaneity away. Also we knew we were going to be going on our honeymoon in April/May and we'd be away for a week. Inevitably we decided against the perfect pup.

Another opportunity of a St. Bernard came up in May but again, J and I decided we couldn't take on the responsibility at that time. I know the family still has a few of the dogs, but I'm still not sure it's a good idea for us.

I keep looking at St. Bernard, Collie, and Golden Retriever Rescue websites as well as at the local animal center and Humane Society. I'd much rather adopt a puppy that needs a home than to buy one from a breeder. We also have the option of adopting a fullblooded Greyhound from my family's farm. They're all adopted out when they're finished racing.

I told J that we could reapproach the subject of adopting a dog next spring. That gives us time to be good and settled with our married life/new house/new job/etc. Plus I think springtime is the best for a puppy so by the time winter rolls around, it's rather grown up, and I'm just not an animals-in-the-house kinda girl. However I do think that if we were to adopt, it would find a little home in the den foyer where it's all nice and tiled.

Seeing as how I'm the No-Dog-Nazi, I'm the one with puppy fever. I think it's just seeing all the cute furry creatures. When I come back to earth I realize that "hey--that's just more responsibility!" I'm also afraid that I'll get sick of a puppy if I rush into it. I like to pet dogs for a few minutes then I want to put it down, change clothes, and wash my hands. I'm such an OCD freak sometimes. It's came in my "old age." I grew up with pups and it never bothered me. I'll need to get out of that when J and I decide to adopt though.

So I guess for now we'll just keep our eyes peeled at the rescues and animal shelters and hope when we're ready we'll find the perfect dog to adopt. We definitely want a big dog breed that will be a good family dog, has a good personality, and will be fun to have around.

For now, I guess I'll just stick with Fluffy, my betta fish.

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girl from the south said...

I think you need to be able to keep a plant alive for a year before you get a pet... Although the Beta named Gamma and then Sigma lived pretty long lives. :)b