Friday, July 28, 2006

90 Day Review

Tomorrow is our three month anniversary which J likes to call our "90 Day Review." He says he'll assess the situation and see if he's going to keep me. Geesh--we're legally bound with a 30 year mortgage. It's pretty expensive to "break-up" at this point. However it also means that he is being assessed for the "90 Day Review." He sure did haul booty to finish up the landscaping this week and got the paint and extra siding for the potting shed. I think he's working hard to get a satisfactory report.

Since I have no doubt that I'll get a satisfactory report I wonder what my reward will be? I could (paisley fabric) think of (pink Liz Claiborne wallet) a few things (black leather bag) that would be (silver monogrammed locket) very nice (shadow box) as a reward for the (framed canvas of wedding picture that I love) very satisfactory (materials for cornice boards) report that I'm going to (2ct diamond earrings to match my ring) receive.

I might (just maybe) have a little something in mind for the weekend. If J is reading my blog today then perhaps I'll get a call in a few minutes. But he'll just have to wait and see what the little surprise is.

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