Monday, April 03, 2006


Imagine this--a fabulous soiree taking place that I had no part in planning or knowledge of--and it was all at my house!

My maids and matron of honor, as well as my fabulous natzi wedding planner, together with my very best friends, had me a SURPRISE! lingerie shower and bachlorette party.

I woke up Saturday knowing that I had plans with Sjb and T-Ho for the afternoon. They arrived early and kidnapped me for pedicures and lunch, followed by a few necessary shops to get items for the projects we had planned (or I had planned) for the afternoon. When I arrived home--my fiance was gone (to his bachelor party in another city) and fifteen of my closest friends were greeting me in the front yard! I thought there seemed to be a great deal of cars on my street parked in front of my house.

There were signs hung on the doors and windows and I can only imagine what my neighbors were thinking. (But in the great words of SEC, "I don't care.") I was so surprised! I found SEC in the crowd and thought "She's not from this side of the state." Then I saw my oldest and bestest friend (and matron-of-honor) Bex and realized "WOW!--She's not from this state--or even the south!" What a surprise within the surprise! With a 10 month old baby I never expected her to make the five hour pilgrimage south for one night.

When I walked in the front door, my house had been rearranged, decorated, and there was quite a buffet of food laid out. YUM! I couldn't believe how much my friends had planned and executed without my knowledge. We ate and moved onto gifts and games.

You really find out what your friends think of you when confronted with lingerie and bachlorette gifts from them. I received lingerie to last nearly a month as well other, um, novelties shall we say. I even received a get out of jail coupon! (You had to be there to understand that one!) I even had gifts from Addy who is in Europe. I was the honored recipient of gorgeous designer items from Betsy Johnson to Jones New York, sweet to not-so-sweet and downright scandalous. During gift openings I did model a few pieces (totally PG over my clothes--I say PG because you should see some of the attire!) Once I was finished we all modeled some of my new duds for a group picture.

Beyond that was games and a night of bachlorette fun that you just had to be present to enjoy. My friends are fabulous and the party couldn't have been better. I love being a bride-to-be and can't wait to be a bride in just 26 days.

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