Monday, August 17, 2009


School started back today but it was only a half day. Geesh I'm already tired! I couldn't do high school again. Or college! All of the college students arrived in town last weekend and holy cow Target is wiped out!

So onto the point of the bummer blog title:

BB went to the lake with some friends after school. He was there for about two hours before coming home because we had ticket to our local minor league baseball team. He got gas on his way to the lake and put his wallet in his center console. He cracked his windows and locked his doors at the lake. He's close to the car but around the bend where it can't be seen. When he and his friends went back to their cars his window was all the way down. He opened the door his glove box and conole were open and his wallet was lying in the front seat.

UGH! Some punk ass bastard forced his window down and found his wallet. They stole $45 of his hard earned babysitting money from last weekend and a $25 gas gift card he'd received for his birthday. Seventy dollars is a lot to me so you can imagine what it is to a sixteen year old kid! Fortunately they didn't take my debit card (I'd given it to him to pick up school supplies that afternoon) or a few other gift cards he had. They apparently didn't go thru the whole wallet, just found the cash and the gas card was with it. At least that didn't take the whole thing and have his ID and such. Also fortunately was that they didn't steal his new Oakley sunglasses he'd bought with some birthday money. They were beneath his ball cap in the floorboard and I suppose after finding the wallet the punk ass bastards felt no need to look under there. However I'm surprised they didn't take the cap because it WAS pricy and the could have sold it I guess.

Ugh! Anway...

I was so sad for him. But what do you do? He didn't do anything wrong. How often do people put their purse under a coat or wallet under a seat? He didn't even do when he arrived, he'd done it far away at the gas station.

I want to give him the money back but I feel that's not helpful. I don't think he needs to be taught a lesson since he didn't do anything wrong, but maybe this will make him more honest and trustworthy. Maybe it will be moral building. Not that I think he's going to steal anything but in the event he would find a wallet or something.....

UGH! I just feel so bad for him. People suck sometimes and I hope karma is hot on the tail of the/those punk ass bastard(s).


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Kas said...

ugh I HATE that for him. It does suck, but, what can you do? Sometimes life is just like that.