Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Trip

I went to visit my friend Holly this weekend. She's the gal who moved way too far away nearly a year ago with her adorable kids (Max, Lily, Macy, Eliza) that I love to bits. They live in the most fantastic neighborhood I've ever seen and I'd move in an instant to be there. We're talking planned shopping centers, markets, businesses, schools, and churches. There's also a stocked pont with peirs and docks and lots of geese, turtles, frogs, etc. to delight the children (errr, and me!). Furthmore there are two neighborhood pools, one with two slides and one with lazy river---BOTH with bars. Oh wait there's more: it also has coded biking and hiking trails and a handful of playgrounds.

Love it!

This fancy pants neighborhood had a neighborhood wide garage sale.

Yippieeeeeee! I love a good sale. You can read about my bargains soon at The Bargainista.

Holly and I got up early to hit the road for sales. Then returned to set up her sale. I sat out on foot with Max and Lily and then later by car to hit the other side of the 'hood. Then we went to the park, the pond, and sonic of course because it was a million degrees and we all had a hankerin' for cherry limeade.

I visited a few of the cute shops, played with the kids, went on walks, and drank wine. Quite a weekend!

I love my little getaways. I'm so thankful to have a husband that allows me jaunt about during my time of no kids and unemployment.

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