Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bright and Early

I popped out of bed this morning like I'd been shot out of a cannon. I made coffee, sausage, biscuits, waffles and then woke the boys for breakfast and packed breakfast for the road for BB's carpool buddies.

I also made a "snack" for BB. There is some sort of testing today and his lunch has been pushed back until 2:15. He asked if I'd make him a snack because apparently he'll be watching a movie in one class (the testing is for a different grade but everyone's schedule is changed). By snack I was thinking pretzels and strawberries. He was thinking two sandwiches, baked doritos, fruit salad, and a couple or five cookies. Wowza!

While we're on the subject of culinary delights I did a bit of grocery shopping for the boys yesterday as I've just learned I'll be skipping town for the weekend as of Thursday. I wanted to make sure they survived and picked up essentials like pizza, chicken nuggets, curly fries, oreos, pop tarts, and ice cream. I certainly hope they make it.

Now I'm off to do their laundry and make a list of reminders for the weeked such as brush your teeth, wash behind your ears, and let the dog out. Also a weekend schedule because they both have commitments and we know they'll sleep til noon and wonder what day it is if I don't keep them focused.

When did a weekend getaway for myself get to be so much work?

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Platinum Rose said...

Haha, oh wow, it's like you have 2 kids to care for :-) I hope you have a good trip! And yikes, that's some "snack" he wanted!