Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Southern Belle Friends

Today was a full day for me! I was up and ready to take BB to school (his normal ride is having his car serviced this week), followed by a trip to Target, the UPS store, and the office of my ladies organization, let's call it the Southern Belle Society (SBS). From there it was on to Bible Study (currently doing Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. It's fantastic!) and it was only 9:15. I left Bible Study and zipped home for a quick lunch and to let the pooch out. Then it was time for shots and on to the dentist and then across town to deliver items for the SBS big thrifty sale event this weekend. Then back across town to pick up BB at 4:10 because he had to stay after school for a test.

So anyway I had to take my donated items across town for SBS. It's a makes me pee my pants scary less desirable part of town. Seriously, white girls in a Benz with pearls and a pink phone need not be over there. Makes me wish I already had this. I was talking to Risse on the way as I lamented about being stopped by EVERY freaking redlight on Bad Avenure.

Later upon arriving home I texted her:

"Back to West MyTown, PRAISE THE LORD!"

Her Reply:

"Without being mugged and all in one piece. AMEN!"

The joy of Southern Belle Friends!

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♥Mrs. V said...

I am finally all caught up. I thought I had lost you as my bloggy friend, but you are back and I am glad!!