Monday, March 09, 2009

Could have been worse I suppose.

My mani and pedi are rockin', even though I totally screwed up a finger upon getting in the car. Of course!

I'd say my big girl panties are ready for retirement after this afternoon. I held it together rather well for the first 20 mins, but the last five or ten were quite painful. I was borderline panic attack. The tears welled up and the nurse got a bit worried. I assured her that the old me would have cried upon entering the building. Since I didn't, I'd call it a success!

The doctor has NO sense of humor. I suppose I should be happy he's all business back there but c'mon now.

Me: You should have a wine bar at the door. No price to high today.

Dr.: Wine makes you bleed.

Me: Oh, well, uh I guess a show of Jack is out.

Dr.: (silence)

Me: I'll take an aspirin too?

Dr.: (silence)

Me: Whew...tough crowd.

Oh so the spot on my back was "small". Small, ha ha, that's so relative. Small to what? Small compared to an elephant? Want to see how small it was? Do you? Ok well Reese does so I may was well post here, be warned:

So yeah, it's "small" but I have tape from my neck to my hip. Well, almost.

I'm going my Mecca next week, also known as the outlet of one of my favorite stores, the Schmottery Schmarn. I plan to reward myself handsomely when I get there!


Reese said...

OUCH!!!! I am totally for shots of jack and asprin!!! The asprin will counteract the bleeding proablems caused by the Jack...I am totally a fan!!!

Platinum Rose said...

Yikes, that's a big area if you ask me! I am glad that's over now! No fun at all!