Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee
Happy Birthday I can't believe I'm really twenty seven so I pretend I'm still twenty fiiiiiiive
Happy Birthday to Me!

Mr. Bella said he'd take Brother Bella (BB) to school this morning since he had to be out early anyway. I was super excited at the the thought of sleeping past 7 a.m.

Me: Yippieee! Does that mean I can sleep in and when I wake up there'll be coffee?
BB: Hmph! Are you kidding? Someone will have to make sure we actually wake up.
Mr. Bella: Yeah, and make the coffee.

So there it is! Happy Birthday to Me!


R said...

Wishing you a happy happy birthday lady!! XOXOXO lots of love!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!

Glad your back.. sure have missed ya!!

Platinum Rose said...

Welcome back! I've missed you! And Happy Birthday to you! We're really close in age...come Dec. 21st I'll be 27 too :-) I hope you had a great day!

JayJenny said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie! I hope you celebrated your "bells" off! XOXO

Cakabaker said...

Happy Birthday, a day late and a dollar short :) Hope you had a great day!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!

Alicia said...

Incredibly belated as usual!

audreybreier said...

Thanks for the info on the coupons! I will definitely check out the other sites. Unfortunately, we don't have a Kroger here. Northwest Arkansas is the home to the Waltons (as in the Wal-Mart Waltons) so we have a Wal-Mart on all sides of us pretty much...they are everywhere. So, that's about the only choice I have :) Wal-Mart does price match though, so I can use my Walgreen's coupons there (I just found that out..that saves me multiple trips!) I wish we had more shopping choices! It sounds like Kroger and CVS would be awesome places to go! Oh, and I would LOVE to get down to $60 a week on groceries...that would be amazing :) I get excited if I spend less than $120 right now!

Kas said...

Hey lady. Miss hearing from ya... :) Hope all is well!