Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad day on Aisle 10

(While we're on the subject of grocery stores.)

Brownie mixes are 10 for $10 at my K. Roger this week. My heart was so happy it did a little somersault. Brownie mix is a staple in this house. Moreso than what most people consider important such as milk and bread.

So anyway long story short they were out. Of all of them.

I cried right there on Aisle 10.

(And now I have to flipping go back to the grocery at some point this week becuase I.Will.Get.Brownies!)

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Kas said...

Did you get a rain check?!?!?! Rain checks are my fave at Kroger because then I don't have to worry about coming back while they are still on sale, and I can just pick it up the next week. :D