Monday, August 04, 2008


I found a fabulous job today! It's with a non-profit (I've longed to work for a non-profit) as an Assistant Director of Community Relations.

The pros are I'm already a volunteer for this organization and have been for several years as it was my sorority philanthropy, I'm currently on the board of volunteers for a big event they have this Fall, I know two people (very well!) on the Board of Directors and both are all for helping me, I've previously met the Director whom I sent my resume to, and I am most definately qualified for the position.

The cons are these great positions are currently so few and far between and that although I'm very qualified, there are probably at least 10 more people are more qualified or over qualified who have applied for this same position. While knowing people helps, the organization, of course, has to do what is best for them.

Say a prayer that I can get an interview and this position would work out. It would have a great schedule and be semi-flexible as well as being super close to home.


Kas said...

Oh it sounds perfect! Prayers are going up for you!

girl from the south said...

Hmmm...need to call you for details.

If you get the job, can I have free tickets to their signature event? Best one in MyTown! I'd even drive up.

Good luck! Warning though! Once you break into nonprofit PR, you can't get out.

I can't emphasize enough that nonprofits are a lifestyle not a career. Last week I put in around 65 hours. While I'm a one-woman shop, community relations has a lot of odd hours with nights and weekends. Make sure you ask about comp time.

Call me!

Platinum Rose said...

Definitely sending prayers for that!!!

Mrs. M said...

Oh GFTS I'm sure they'd laugh at comp time! I don't really care though as the schedule is mostly normal and I just need a decent job to get me thru the next couple of years.

Non Profit PR may be a way of life for some, but as you know my career goal is to stay at home with little ones, and if I can work from home part-time while doing that, all the better.

Oh, and I already get free tickets to the event you're talking about. I'm on the planning board for it. Hubs and Little Brother are quite excited.