Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Many a time have I talked about grocery shopping for a teenage boy. These pictures were taken two months semi-recently. This is what a weekly trip looks like. Formerly, this was my bi-weekly trip. The goods all laid out.

The goods all laid out.
The fridge contents.
Just a basket of a few light snacks to get him through the weekend.


Kas said...

That is a lot of food! In fact, I just did a freezer restock, which will probably last us at LEAST 2-3 months, and my freezer looks just like yours!! I can't believe how much teenage boys consume. haha

Mrs. L said...

Whoa! Someone sure does like Pringles.

I have to say though, I think I've got you beat. With just me and my husband, we on average spend $160 -$220 a week for groceries. Granted we do our shopping at Wal-mart because its cheaper and we do buy other non-food products, but 95% of everything we buy is food and our grocery bill is that every week. I am going to have to figure something out for when the baby comes because we won't be able to eat like anymore.